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There I was minding my own business going to the bathroom and my girlfriends came in!! They busted in and started straddling me RIGHT there on the toilet and we were all making out and taking super hot pix!!:D We decided to take our craziness to the next level…dildos and a bubble bath! Toys…bubbles…soaking wet threesome(sadly no one was there to take a pic of all of us together)…it was pretttty fantastic though! It was soo random and spontaneous…apparently you never know whats going to happen when you get girls in a bathroom together lol!!! Thinking about it right now gets me horny all over again!! Slipping all over each other and going down on each other…might have to make another trip;) If you want full details you can call and ask for Ashlee(left) or Meghan(right)!! This is Ashlee BTW!!! Mwah!