Phone Sex - Premier Fantasy • 1-800-JET-DOLL

      I need a $ugar Daddy!
      Would you like the position?!
      A sexy Sugar Baby like me shouldn’t have to work for a living!
      Not with this body and this mouth!lol
      I have a voracious appetite for designer clothes, jewelry, lingerie and
      I have lots of talents that I am sure you can’t find anywhere else.
      Did I tell you that I am a stripper and double jointed?
      I’ve also been known to swallow a ten inch cock or two without gagging!
      I can manipulate my body into positions that you have only dreamed
      The more bills you shove into my tiny little G string and diamonds you
      sprinkle on my gorgeous body, the more limber and kinky I become.
      I’m holding auditions now.
      Do you have what it takes to be my Sugar Daddy?
      Give me a call and let’s find out!

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