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Hi there!
My name is Victoria and I thought that I would introduce myself.
Some of you might already know me and the rest of you should want to get to know me.lol
I am thirty­seven years old.
I look like your average All­ American girl next door.
I am very tall,with long light blonde hair,big beautiful,chestnut brown eyes, sensual full kissable lips,luscious,natural thirty­six D tits,with bite size rosy nipples that remain hard and are so sensitive, I can cum from simply having them suckled on,a slim well ­toned,waist and firm curvy round ass,and a tight delicious, juicy pussy and long shapely legs, that I would love to wrap around you.

I was born and raised in Virginia and really, there is nothing average about me or my personality.
I am very unique in my sense of humor and I am extremely open minded. Once you get to know me, you will see that I am a great listener and a great talker.

I love to give good…well…everything!

I like to tease,and play and please, sometimes I will even obey.lol
I know what it takes to get a man’s cock so hard, that it explodes like a volcano and I also know what it takes to get a woman’s pussy so wet and quivering that her juices are dripping down her tender inner thighs, like a ripe peach in the summer time.

I’d like to say that I have heard and seen it all when it comes to the kinks and the not so kinky acts,but perhaps you can surprise me or better yet I can surprise you.

I have tons of stories from my past when I first started having sex at eighteen til my most recent exploits with a very special friend that I would love to share with you.
Allow me the opportunity to make your fantasy cum true and perhaps both of us will be left exhausted,aching and begging for more…