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      Every Christmas, people are focused on Santa’s sleigh and his bag
      of goodies, except for me.
      I want to know what Santa is hiding underneath his crimson red
      velvet suit.
      I want to see how big his Yule log is and how it feels and tastes.
      Is it salty or does it taste sweet like Candy?
      I decided to slip into my sexiest lingerie, light a fire,turn on my
      Christmas lights and pour myself a glass of wine and await
      St.Nick’s arrival.

      Around three in the morning, I hear slight thump against my front
      door. I cover myself with cozy blanket and pretend to be asleep.
      I feel a burst of cold air and then I hear the door quietly close.
      Santa rounds the couch dragging his sack behind him.
      Opening one eye, I catch a glimpse of him kneeling by the colorful,
      twinkle lit tree.
      I carefully stood from the sofa and joined him at the Christmas
      tree. He seemed stunned,his blue eyes twinkling brighter than the
      lights on the tree.
      I leaned forward and kissed his rosy lips.

      Santa grinned, returning my kiss.
      ” I want to unwrap your package, Santa”
      “I don’t think Mrs. Clause would like that.” he offered with a
      hesitant, yet warm, husky voice.
      “She isn’t here.” I reminded him and leading him over to the sofa.
      I quickly, unbuckled his black belt and shoved his heavy jacket off
      of his shoulders.
      Why Santa wasn’t fat at all.
      Far from it, I realised as I tugged his white T shirt over his head.
      He had a furry gray chest and washboard abs.
      Mrs. Clause was a very lucky woman!
      I caressed his chest and stomach, eagerly unfastening his pants.
      He was wearing red boxer briefs, that contained long thick, juicy
      I shoved him down into the sofa and climbed nakedly onto his face,
      rubbing my swollen clit on his long gray beard.

      I devoured his cock, taking him all the way down to his balls.
      He was sweet.
      Santa happily, shoving his tongue into my pussy.
      He grunted,and I knew it was time to sit on his lap.

      “Oh,ho, Oh!”
      Santa grunted as he filled me up.
      I kept riding him as he sucked on my nipples, until I came in Santa’s

      ~ Adrienne

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