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      My body is so sensitive to touch that I wear long sleeved turtlenecks,
      leggings, and socks to sleep in. I despise being tickled.
      My boyfriend knows this.
      I’m not saying that I never bare skin, because I do.
      I love wearing tiny bikinis to the beach and sexy dresses to parties and
      to clubs, but the minute I come back home.
      I take a shower, pull my long hair back in a bun and slip into my comfy
      long sleeved turtle neck,leggings, and socks and go into my room.
      One night I’d had one too many drinks and passed out in my bed,
      wearing only my red bikini.
      A few hours later I woke up to sounds of laughter and felt this
      tingling sensation coursing over my body and heard my boyfriend
      chuckling .
      “She’s waking up!” I heard Rick say.
      “Oh, she is going to be so pissed!” his friend Leo howled.
      I opened my eyes.
      Everything was fuzzy.
      I tried to move my arms and my legs, but I was strapped down with my
      I was naked and my boyfriend Rick and his best friend Leo were staring
      at me laughing.
      They were naked too.
      Both of them had a long hot pink feather in their hands and a
      mischievous glint in their eyes.
      It wasn’t uncommon for the three of us to fuck, so I wasn’t upset
      about that being strapped down.
      I was upset about them doing the one thing that I had asked neither of
      them to do to me.
      “NO!” I pleaded.

      Rick ran his feather over my neck and between my breasts and over my
      nipples, while Rick concentrated on my feet and between my pussy lips.
      “You’re going to like this. I promise.” Rick grinned as he continued using
      the feather between my thighs and over my swollen waxed pussy lips.
      Leo began sucking on my left nippled and tickling the other with his
      My body began to tremble as the mixture of intense pleasure and
      feeling of hatred of being tickled overtook my senses.
      I was bucking and trying to get away, yet at the same time what they
      were doing felt so fucking good!
      Rick teased the feather over my clit, sliding fingers into me, while Leo
      began sucking on my other nipple and tickling my stomach.
      I kept pleading and begging for mercy, until I finally came…

      xxx Kassandra

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