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Premium Phone Sex: The Jet Doll Experience
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phone sex picDial 1-800-JET-DOLL for the Best in Live Phone Sex, where calls with a premium lady of your choice are only $2.98 per minute with no connection fee! Billing doesn’t begin until you have been connected with your lady. Callers must be 18 or over.

With Over Two Decades of Service, 1-800-JET-DOLL is proud to celebrate our 23rd Anniversary as your #1 Choice in Live, Personalized Phone Sex! Jet Doll offers all types of ladies, guys, she-males, and couples to satisfy your sexual desires and curiosities. Choose to speak with an amateur, a professional dominatrix, a group of sorority girls, hot MILFs, and more! We also offer toilet play, shrimp dick humiliation, verbal and cuckold humiliation phone sex. Our concierge will personally match you with the fantasy lady, ladies, or couple of your choice. Or, you may remain anonymous by entering your billing information using your touch-tone key pad. You will still have access to a personal representative if desired.

Jet Doll Respects Your Privacy.
We are a discreet phone sex service. When you set up a fantasy phone sex call with Jet Doll, our number will never show up on your caller ID, and we do not share your information with anyone. Calls will appear on your billing statement as “Intertel”. In addition, Jet Doll will only disclose past call history to the client who made the transaction. We do not have a mailing list. For your added privacy, 1-800-JET-DOLL offers clients, fantasy ladies, and couples a Double Blind System, which means your fantasy ladies or couples will not have access to your phone number, last name, address or billing information, and you will not have access to their private information. As our client, we understand and respect your need for privacy. Your information is kept strictly confidential.

24 Hour Customer Service
Live, friendly, professional customer service is available 24 hours a day. Call 1-800-JET-DOLL and the sexy voice answering your call is only a glimpse of how hot our Phone Sex ladies and couples will sound. When setting up your call you have two options: Press 1 and connect to a professional, live representative who will:

Securely process your billing information. After verifying your payment information, your transaction will be handled professionally and with the utmost security. Once your billing information is on file, future fantasies can be quickly connected.

Connect you with the fantasy of your choosing. 1-800-JET-DOLL offers live connections or direct call back. Direct call back gives you the option of having your fantast lady call you at a time and number of your choosing.

Answer any questions you may have about 1-800-JET-DOLL regarding billing, payment options, and your past call history.

Or Press 2, to enter your billing information anonymously using your touch-tone key pad.    Once your card is approved, you will have access to a menu of fantasies and ladies to choose from. Billing only begins after you have made your selection and have been connected with your girl.

No Connection Fee.  
never charges a connection fee. Most adult Phone Sex lines charge what they call “a small connect fee.” This means you are charged an additional fee just to get connected. Dial 1-800-JET-DOLL for live phone sex and pay only our low per minute rate, without any additional fees!

Honest Billing
When you call 1-800-JET-DOLL, billing does not begin until after you have spoken with a Jet Doll customer service representative, finalized your payment method, and have been connected with the lady, ladies, or couple of your choice. Other Phone Sex companies begin charging $3.95-$5.95 per minute for Phone Sex the second their automated system answers your call. So while you are listening to their fantasy options, billing options, available services and entering your payment information, you are being charged. That is like going to a restaurant and being charged just to look at the menu!

At 1-800-JET-DOLL, we pride ourselves in being an honest and ethical company. All clients are welcome to call us back after their call to verify the amount of their call charge for their records.

You deserve only the best, so go ahead and indulge in your sexuality by calling 1-800-JET-DOLL, where your fantasy is only moments away!

Dial 1-800-JET-DOLL – (1-800-538-3655) Now!