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Happy Mother’s Day!🌸

Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate by calling 1-800-Jet-Doll and showing your appreciation to our hottest MILFS! Or maybe the mom of the house is away and you […]

FaceTime Jazmin

Setup a call or FaceTime session with the new JetDoll, Jazmin!

Masturbation Monday!

Call 1-800-Jet-Doll and start your week off right! We know Monday blows, but releasing that load will make it much better. Need a fantasy to get […]
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Foot Fetish-What gets you off?

At what point did you realize you had a thing for feet? Do you like to lick them….suck on them? I caught a boyfriend jacking off […]
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Need Some-bunny?

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Good Friday!

  Let’s be bad because it will feel so good baby! Get the party started and let’s get kinky! One girl or two, whatever you choose, be […]
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Your end of the week treat!


Roommates who Share!

The other night I went to my usual bar with my girls. As soon as I walked in this dark haired guy caught my attention. We […]
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Fuck Buddy Phone Sex

Let’s keep things fun! Everyone gets wrapped up into those serious relationships…the sex appeal goes down and the fighting goes up! I like to have a […]