The best of both worlds!

I’m not the type of girl to be tied down…if I am with someone they have to be open-minded! I love cock but I love pussy just as much! I’m just not scared to add variety into my sex life…it makes it soo much hotter! My boyfriend (for now) and I went to this bar the other night and I picked up this sexy blonde…it took like two seconds to convince him to have a threesome with us! What guy wouldn’t want to see two girls sucking him off and fucking him! Once we got home I made him sit on the bed and watch while I undressed her and spread her legs open while I went down on her…he was jerking off waiting for us to come over and play! We finally came over to him and she’s eating me out while he fucks her from behind and then we switched a few times. After that we both got on all fours and he went from mine to hers and then blew his load all over our asses! I think I just need a boyfriend and a girlfriend…problem solved! xxx

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