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Custom Pics

My favorite part of being a Jet Doll! I get to do custom photo shoots for you! I’m about to strip so I can take some super hot lingerie and heel pics and a close up of my pink pussy for one of my callers! Want some pics of your favorite Jet Doll? Call 1-800-JET-DOLL so you can see your girl while your phone fucking her!! XOXOX

Cheap Phone Sex Just for You!!

Don’t waste your money on a bad time! Spend it on the extremely sexual ladies of JetDoll. We want to give you want exactly what you want…all you have to do is call 1-800-538-3655. Explore your fantasies with one of the many ladies we have to offer. Get the ultimate pleasure at an affordable price!! Mmmm we’re waiting for you! Want someone extra special? We have she males and men waiting for your call too! It’s not just phone sex…it’s a live one-on-one connection that allows you to explore all of your needs! XOXO


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 2.03.07 PMMy husband is always working late! It’s not fair…I get so horny at night and have no one to satisfy me. The horniness was driving me crazy one night. I tried masturbating…rubbing my fingers on my wet clit, but it didn’t give me
the satisfaction that I needed! Soo I went and bought a 10 inch dildo…and it vibrated for extra pleasure hehehe. I use it EVERY night now…multiple times. My husband is getting jealous now too…I don’t need him at all ooops!

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