Spring Break Hookup

I clumsily pushed my way through a dimly lit crowd of drunk and horny
college kids looking for my friends, a red solo cup of warm beer in
hand. The party was being held at a beach house owned by the parents
one of the guys in well known frat at the University of Florida.
Suddenly I felt my body being pushed backward, beer sloshing over my
hand as my back landed against the wall.
Before I could get a good look at his face, he’d taken my drink from my
hand a sat it upon a shelf. His lips pressed against mine.
I heard him jangle a door knob and the wall or rather the door was
moving and we were inside of a dark room.
The only light came from a bonfire outside a large window.
He pressed me back up against the door.
His teeth found my neck while his hands set about removing my bikini
and denim skirt…
He shoved his fingers inside of my cunt as he rolled my nipples between
his teeth. He tugged on them hard as I felt for his cock.
He turned me around and laid me down on a game table that looked out
into the backyard.
I finally saw his face.
It was Eric, the guy that owned the house.
I was both relieved and surprised.
He could have any girl he wanted and tonight it was me.
“I have wanted to fuck you since I first saw you Emily!” he offered
with a pussy drenching grin.
“Then do it!” I pleaded. Breathlessly
He slid his cock into wet cunt.
He was huge!
I wrapped my legs around his waist, trying to get more and more of him

inside of me.My fingernails dug into his muscular shoulders.
He winced and dipped his head biting and sucking on my nipples.
I arched my back feeling the table shake beneath us.
“Fuck!!!” I squealed as drove deeper than I thought was possible.
He let out a loud grunt.
Our bodies trembling as both of us came.
Bodies drenched in sweat…~~~Emily~~~

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