Spank Me

I can tell by the look in your deep blue eyes and the stern look on your face when I walk into your study  that I have done something wrong. You are sitting on the leather chair in the corner. The bad girl chair…You have classical music on and you have the large wooden paddle clenched into your right hand. You smooth your pressed trousers with your left hand. My dark blue eyes lock with your green ones. My body tenses and begins to quiver a little. I march toward you and remove the black dress and panties that I am wearing. My body exposed to you, wearing only the black lace collar that you gave to me that signifies your ownership of me. I obediently lay over your lap. A moment later I feel the smooth yet heavy wood against the  tender flesh of my ass. I can feel the perfectly drilled round holes, catching against my skin. My Master pulled it away. He ran his hands through my long, wavy chestnut brown hair and my neck, over my slick back, around, grasping a breast, pinching a nipple, twisting it roughly, he brought the paddle against my skin hard. I let out a gasp and a scream. The prickly, burning sensation sending a charge throughout my entire body from the top of my head and ending right at my swollen clit. He spanked me again and again and again, each time it was harder and each time he twisted my nipple. My skin was hot and it was red and it was hurting and my pussy now swollen was dripping wet. My Master instructed me to stand and walk over to his desk. My legs were so shaky and weak that I had to crawl instead and pull myself up using his chair.This time I leaned over the oak top, grasping the edges and I spread my still quivering  legs. I heard him unzip his trousers behind me and I felt the thick hot hardness of his cock, rubbing against the burning cheeks of my ass,then I felt the head rubbing against my desperately aching clit. He remarked about how wet I was. What a good little whore I was for him. He pulled away and swatted my ass again, this time with his hand. He slipped it between my thighs and spanked my soaking pussy hard with his hand. I squealed and cried out,tears in my closed eyes willing myself not to cum. He would get mad. If he got mad, I couldn’t cum and I needed to cum! My Master withdrew his hand guided his cock inside of me. Fucking me hard and rough laying on top of me, biting and sucking on my neck,reaching beneath me pinching and tugging my nipples. As his thrusts became more purposeful he grabbed my flame red hair and whispering to me what a fucking whore I was as he erupted inside of me,my body began to shake uncontrollably as I finally unleashed my orgasm…“Thank you, Master” I offered breathlessly.-Pamela

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