Shower Play….

shower sex, sexy, jetdoll

As I laid outside, soaking in the sun, I watched my neighbor working away in his yard. He was a bit older than me but I still fantasized about what we could do to each other. As the dirty thoughts kept coming I decided it was time to make a move. I walked over to him and gently brushed my hand against his pants….I told him he looked like he needed a break and then I slowly walked back to my house. I left the door open and stripped down….leaving a trail of clothes into the bathroom. Moments later he walked in and I pulled the curtain back so he could admire my soaking wet body. I ran my hands down, starting with my tits that were firm and ready to be sucked,  from there I went to my hips and my ass and then I went down and squeezed my hard cock and gave him a playful smile. His pants dropped and he sat there and stroked his cock as I stroked mine…perfectly in sync. He started stroking his cock faster and faster as he watched me. As I stroked with one hand, I ran my other hand all over my tits and slid my fingers into my asshole. He couldn’t take it any longer…he came up to me and pushed me down onto my knees and sprayed his load onto my face and all over my body. I began to lick his cum and started moaning…I came right after and was covered in his and my cum….the whole experience was so intense and sexy.

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