She’s Off Limits-18 Year Old

Off limits or am I?

I’m hot and I am sexy and I just turned eighteen.
I have a provocative, tight little body and I live right next door.
I’m one of your wife’s students.
I live right next door to you.
I taunt you while as I parade around in front of you in my sexy
school uniform and on the weekends in a skimpy little bikini.
Sometimes I even spend the night at your house when my
parents are out of town. I see the way you look at me when your cold wife isn’t looking.

The way you brush your body up against mine accidentally on purpose when I come over for dinner.
I see the way your hard cock bulges against your pants.
Those throw pillows don’t help.
I hear you jacking off in the study when I am visiting.
One night I even caught you with a pair of my panties.
I stared at you through the crack in the door, my panties pressed
against your nose as you jerked your cock wildly.
I heard you whisper.
“She’s off limits.”

Your thick creamy cum splattered all over my silk panties.
I fought the urge to crawl over to you and lick up your mess.
One night while my parents are out of town your wife is called
away on an emergency.
I’m spending the night in then guest room.
My virgin pussy soaked with juice.
I know you are alone in your bed jacking off again.
I tiptoe down the hallway and open the door to the master

Moonlight fills the room and I see that I am right.
I strip off my gown and I join you on the bed.
Startled you throw a pillow over your massive hard dick.
I toss it aside and climb on top.
I wince as your dick pops my cherry.
“We can’t do this, you’re off limits!” you breathe.
I force the rest of your cock inside of my eighteen year old cunt.
Your cock is deep inside of me now.
I lean forward and give you a hot passionate kiss.
“I’m eighteen. I am no longer off limits.”
I gently bite your bottom lip.
“Now fuck me or I will tell your wife!”
My threat of blackmail seems to make you harder.
You flip me onto my back and fuck me like the little whore that I


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