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1-800-Jet-Doll delivers the best cheap phone sex in the industry. And we offer it for a low and honest rate. Unlike other services, the rate that we advertise is the rate that we charge you. There are no hidden upcharges and no connection fees. We offer one-on-one private connections for $2.98 per minute for callers 18 years and older and billing doesn’t begin until the call has been connected. That means that unlike our competitors, we aren’t secretly billing callers from the moment they dial our number.

Our VIP concierge service is also 100% complimentary and available 24/7 for all your cheap phone sex needs. Callers can choose from all types of girls, fetishes and fantasies. Allow one of our sexy representatives to set up your call at no additional cost. So if you’re looking for the best phone sex on the market at an affordable price, look no further and call 1-800-Jet-Doll right now.

1-800-Jet-Doll Never Plays Hard to Get

Imagine taking a new girl out. You buy her drinks, a nice meal, maybe even a movie. Everything is going well, or so you think, and it’s time to take her home. Walking her to her door you give her a kiss, lingering…waiting for her to invite you in. Does she do it? NO… she plays hard to get and makes you go home alone! How many dates will it take to seal the deal? And when (or if) you do will she fully satisfy your sexual needs? Will you be able to indulge in your dirtiest fantasies? Don’t gamble and throw your money away on some prude! Call 1-800-538-3655 to get the ultimate pleasure since hot, horny girls are waiting for your call and anxious to give you what you want WHENEVER you want!

The Truth About “Cheap” Phone Sex

All of the phone sex services out there are advertising it. They’re catching your attention with a low per-minute rate and hammering callers with hidden “connection fees”, “service charges”, or other up-sells. Callers are also getting charged from the second they dial their number and it’s intentionally time consuming to actually get connected with a live girl. Oh, and once you’re finally connected with a live girl the one-on-one rate is $5.99/minute. The only thing cheap about this phone sex call is the quality!

At 1-800-Jet-Doll what you see is what you get. $2.98/minute flat rate with a 10 minute billing minimum and no connection fees or hidden up-sells.

Get 10 Minutes of Free Phone Sex

You get 24/7 complimentary access to our live representatives who set up your calls and answer all your questions at no additional cost. Billing doesn’t begin until you’ve been connected with your girl. And if you’re a first time caller you get 10 free phone sex minutes towards your second call.

Our representatives are also our dispatchers and will personally assign your call to the girl that best fits your desired fetish or fantasy. If you order Teen Phone Sex you will get connected to a sexy young coed. Or if you want Asian Phone Sex we connect you with one of our Asian fantasy girls. And if you want MILF Phone Sex, we get you connected to a hot and horny housewife. You get the point.

1-800-Jet-Doll cares about you and your experience and we want you to come back for more. Don’t waste your time with shady and unscrupulous service providers. We’ve got great affordable, cheap phone sex right here and its 100% tailored to you.


Have you ever had one of those days where you just needed to be? Not to have to think about anything? You don’t want to feel anything,but the insatiable pleasure of someone’s hands on your body, while you just laid there and took it?
That is the kind of day that I have had, which is why I came to my friend Caleb’s. Caleb is the calm in my crazy chaotic life and he knows my body better than anyone that I have ever fucked before .
He seems to know just where I need to be touched and for how long. I arrived at his small cabin in the middle of nowhere dropped my things just inside the door.
He greeted me with grin, running his fingers through his tousled brown hair, bare chested wearing only a pair of fitted stone washed Levi’s, immediately pulling me into a close intimate hug, crushing me against his masculine hairy chest. I tilted my head upward, staring into his deep blue eyes, my fingers caressing the days worth of scruff on his face and instantly I felt myself relax against him. All of the day’s worries starting to melt away. He lowered his head and brushed his lips against mine before kissing me tenderly and leading me into his bedroom. Fresh crisp linens in my favorite shade of lilac dressed the King sized bed and there was a glass of wine and a tray of massage oils nearby. He helped me out of my clothes and brushed my long red hair up into a loose bun, before guiding me over to the bed. I laid down on my stomach, burying my face in the soft lavender scented pillow. A moment later I felt the bed give way and the unmistakable scent of vanilla filled the room and soon Caleb’s strong warm hands were on my shoulders and my neck, gently rubbing my stressed to the max muscles. All of the tension starting to ease as he massaged a gentle yet strong path over my back and my legs, then back upward to my pussy and ass. His thumbs rubbing ever so close to my recently waxed pussy lips and then my asshole. A moan escaped me. “That’s right Babe, just relax and let it go.” he urged in his soft English accent. I exhaled deeply. He continued his rubbing for several minutes before carefully turning me over onto my back. I looked up at him and grinned, spreading my legs wide only for him to close them. “Not yet,Darlin’. “ he chuckled. I stuck out my bottom lip and pretended to pout as he poured more vanilla scented massage oil into his strong, calloused hands. Caleb started with left hand first, massaging each finger, then my arm and upward to my shoulder. He flicked his thumb against my perky pink nippled, before massaging my entire breast for several minutes. He took his other hand and did the same to my right nipple and breast. I arched my back a bit as he lowered his mouth and placed a kiss on each nipple, then dropped his hands downward over my ribcage and stomach, caressing my hips, rubbing his way down my tender inner thighs, careful to just lightly graze the outside of my now throbbing pussy. He brushed his fingers delicately against the backs of my legs and over my feet, working each of my toes gently with his fingers and then just like before. He made his way back upward this time he parted my legs for me a lustful grin on his lips. He brushed his scruff against my sensitive thighs, lightly kissed my outer lips and then parted them with his tongue. I nearly exploded right then. He took the index finger of his right hand and eased it into my asshole, as he circled his tongue around my clit, his thumb inside of my juicy, aching pussy now. The curve finding my G spot and rubbing it at just the right speed. My fingers running through his brown hair,my hips bucking against him, my need for release becoming even greater. He began thumb fucking me faster, sucking on my clit now. My thighs wrapped tightly around his head. My body was rocking and throbbing, the room was spinning. I was screaming and begging and then finally, my back arching off of the bed and as if flipping on a light switch I came, gushing around him. Screaming louder than ever before and he didn’t stop. He did it again. Totally spent, I rolled over onto my side. A few minutes later I felt him get in behind me, spooning my naked body against his, a soft kiss on my neck. This is what serenity felt like…


𝙃𝙚𝙮 𝙜𝙪𝙚𝙨𝙨 𝙬𝙝𝙖𝙩? 𝙄’𝙢 𝙜𝙤𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙛𝙪𝙘𝙠 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙨𝙚𝙣𝙨𝙚𝙡𝙚𝙨𝙨.

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