Secretary Sex with the Boss

I sat across from my boss, an older gentleman in his late fifties while he stared at the computer screen.
I knew that the company was laying off some workers.
I’d already watched three friends be escorted out by security.
All of their belongings in a medium sized brown box.
He removed his glasses and cleared his throat, folding his hands in
front of him somberly.
Yup, he was going to fire me…Sometimes sex from the secretary is just what the boss needs to change his mind though.

I should be worried, but I had a plan to ensure that I would keep my job, something my friends probably hadn’t tried. A plan to fulfill secretary sex fantasies he’s probably only dreamed of!
I reached up and removed a pin from my hair, allowing it to
cascade around my shoulders.
He tensed and cleared his throat again.
“You look tense Boss.” I offered licking my red lips as I slowly
raised from my chair and crossed around his desk.
I grabbed onto the back of the chair and pulled him back from his
desk amid his small protest and dropped to my knees in front of

I locked eyes with him as I unzipped my dress and freed my tits
from the bra I was wearing, pinching my nipples.
He opened his mouth as if to say something, but instead stopped.
I moaned and ran my hands up his inner thighs, feeling an average
sized boner.
I pulled his cock out of his underwear, pleased to see a thick well
defined head.
My pussy was getting wet!
I stroked him.
I rubbed his cock over my face and my nipples and then I took him
into my warm wet mouth.
I was slow, gathering saliva as I inched toward the base of his
shaft. Locking eyes with him again.
I gently tugged and massaged his balls in my hand.
He exhaled deeply, happily, casually running his fingers through my hair.

I pretended to gag on him as I deep throated him.
He gasped.
I really did like his cock and was extremely aroused.
I lifted my mouth with a “pop”, rose to my feet and shoved my
dress down over my hips.

I hopped up on a clear spot on his desk and spread my legs.
He dove into my pussy with his face and licked it as if it were his
last meal, sucking and licking the sensitive folds, biting my clitoris.
I grabbed the back of his head with my hands and ground against
his face, until I came. He lifted my legs high against his shoulders
and then shoved his cock into me, all the way to the base.
We both moaned, staring at one another as he fucked me like he
owned me, which in this situation, he probably did.
I was fucking him to keep my job after all!
A couple of more deep thrusts and I came.
He pulled out and shot all over my tits.

Breathless he slumped back into his chair and I slid off of the
desk and made my way back to the chair across from him.
He cleared his throat again.
“Yes Boss?”
“You were never getting fired, but it’s nice to know that you are
willing to do whatever it takes to remain employed.”
I sat there a bit dumbfounded.
“You should get cleaned up. You have a job to do.”

I guess secretary sex should help me in the long run? I sure hope so!

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