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Every holiday season like most companies, the company that I work
for has a Secret Santa gift exchange. The gifts were opened at
the annual Christmas Party.

In the years that I had worked there I had received some very
interesting gifts, but this year was my favorite!
I’d worn my most festive royal blue dress and silver heels.
I grabbed a glass of champagne and sauntered over to the gift
table and placed the glittery candy cane wrapped box that I’d
brought onto the table with the others.
A scarf for my boss,Madeline.
She was a tall, brains and beauty type that always got what she
wanted. Tonight she was wearing a glittery cocktail dress and

A moment later my phone dinged.
I retrieved it from my silver clutch.
A text from and unknown caller.
“Meet me in conference room #1, immediately to receive your
Another ding.
“Close your eyes once you enter the room.”
This was getting very interesting.
I downed the rest of my champagne and made my way down the
long hallway to the darkened conference room #1.

I closed my eyes and I felt someone behind me placing a blindfold
over my eyes. I was lead into the room, my clutch taken away and
my hands placed behind my back.
I felt something silky being placed around my wrists.
I heard the door lock behind us.
I knew that I should be scared.

I had no idea who was in the room with me,but I was too aroused.
I felt long nails gently scraping over my D cup breasts and I felt
soft lips and full breasts press against my own.
She slipped her tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately
before dropping to her knees and licking my pussy, sucking on my
She bent me over the table and a moment later I felt a silicone
dong enter me, she reached around, rubbing me until we both
She removed the dong and gently shoved me to my knees and
placed it into my mouth only then did she remove the blindfold and
reveal her identity….
Xoxo Emily

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