Santa’s Naughty Helper

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year! Unfortunately it is not my boyfriend’s favorite! He HATES to socialize or go to any of the fun parties. Lucky for me he had to go to his work Christmas party. I told him I could come along and wear my sexy red satin dress to get him in the spirit! Boy did that get him excited! What I didn’t realize is that it was going to get his boss really excited too. I’ve met his boss a few times, but this time became the most memorable… He was dressed as a sexy Santa and he really pulled it off! As my boyfriend continued to drink and let his guard down his boss kept flirting with me more and more! I was torn between pushing him away or letting it happen. Is it his boss after all…I didn’t want to cause problems! As the time went on my boyfriend was very distracted talking to the other guys at the party about office work. His boss went up to him and told him he needed to borrow ME for a moment and that he would bring me right back! In shock I watched my boyfriend say “okay” like it was no big deal! Then his boss came to me and said he needed me to be his little helper for a moment. At this point I couldn’t just say no! So I followed him and he took me into his office. He locked the door and looked at me and smiled and started to un-zip his pants and stroke his cock. I immediately felt a sense of warmth and started to tingle everywhere. I was horny. I couldn’t resist as he grabbed my body and started to kiss me. He told me he knew I was a naughty girl and needed to be punished with his cock. I immediately dropped to knees and started sucking his big cock. Want to know what happened next? Call me baby….Alexis

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