Quarantined Cutie

I need a phone sex friend! Want to join me? I’ve been staying at home for weeks and aching for some cock! I am your quarantined cutie who needs attention! I need a hot phone sex call so I can play with my pussy and release all this sexual tension! Do you want to have hot and cheap phone sex with me? Here are some, but not all of my phone sex specialties:

How to Have Phone Sex / Guided Masturbation:

This goes hand in hand. I tell you what I want to hear and you hear exactly what you want to hear too! I’ll tell you exactly what to touch and how to touch it…you will learn so many new things when it comes to pleasing yourself and your future phone sex partners!

Quarantined Cutie Deep Throat Phone Sex

Wondering why you should have phone sex? Look no further! Listen to me gag on my big cock shaped dildos…find out how much I can take! If throat fucking is your thing…i’m your girl! I love running my tongue up and down that shaft and slamming your cock down my throat! My mouth is warm, wet and inviting and I know you will be pleased!

Anal Phone Sex

I like ass play. What I LOVE is double penetration though! Fuck me in all my holes…I want to submit to you! A cock in one and a dildo in the other…or find another guy and you two can tag team me! I just want to fill my holes with your big warm load…call me so we can discuss all the naughty details! Just think about grabbing my cheeks and spreading me open so you can see my hole. Fill it up baby…I am waiting for your cock and cum!




xoxo Bella the quarantined cutie

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