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      You look through our windows.
      You watch us as we enjoy a real dick.
      You see look on our faces when we get on our knees and take our lovers
      dick into our hands and marvel at the size of it.
      We could use two hands, sometimes three and sometimes not fully
      grasp this dicks thickness.
      You see the look of uncertainty as we wonder if we can actually take
      this dick into our mouths?
      Will fit inside of our pussies and asses?
      Do we dare try?
      Of course we try!
      Women love big dick!
      You will never know this look because you are a little dick loser!
      Completely worthless when it comes to sex.
      You can be rich, handsome, and powerful in every other aspect of your
      life, except the one that matters most to you!
      You will ever see the look of animalistic lust that overtakes a woman,
      the look of anticipation when she feels your dick for the first time.
      You will never know the feeling of wondering is she wet enough for me?
      Will I have to be gentle or can she take it if I push it in a little too
      You will never know that feeling of her body trembling, arching,
      desperate for every inch as she writhes and convulses beneath you as
      the first orgasm of many over takes her her juices flowing over your
      dick and your balls.
      Her body is weak now, limp from exhaustion.
      You will never know any of this because when women look at your “dick”
      for the first time they laugh at it, either outright or silently.
      Some might take pity upon you and fuck you anyway, but most will make
      an excuse and say that they are more tired than they realized and call
      it a night.
      As you leave you will hear them collapse against the door in uproarious
      laughter, unable to uphold the charade any longer.

      You hear her call a friend and laugh about you, the little dick loser that
      she she was with tonight.
      The words gerkin, and vienna sausage are used to describe your “dick”.
      You slump your shoulders in shame as you drive off.
      You know it’s true!
      You are a pathetic, little dick loser and nothing else that you
      accomplish can ever make up for that!

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