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      My name is Sadie and i’m all you will ever need! Not only will I fulfill your fantasies, but I will have you craving me every second you’re away from me! As a VIP office girl I really know all the tricks to getting you that mind-blowing orgasm! Let’s start now!

      Orgasm Denial at 1-800-Jet-Doll

      Do you know that feeling where your balls ache for a release. You think it’s almost time. You’re squeezing that shaft and rubbing up and down. You are so close! Then just when its about to happen I deny it. I am going to tease and tease and tease. Teasing your cock and balls gives me so much pleasure! Some might call this torture, but I call it entertainment! When we’re on our orgasm denial phone sex call I want to hear you moan. That deep moan where you can’t take it anymore. It’s been days and you finally called me to release you and it’s still NOT time! Not until I say so. I will bring you all the way to the edge of pleasure just to take it away again! Let’s see how long you can last shall we?

      Golden Shower Phone Sex at 1-800-Jet-Doll

      When did you first realize you love piss? I learned a new trick recently. I am able to cum and pee at the same time. It was so hard for me to do both, but now I want to do it for you! Since you love golden showers so much I think you should let me sit on your face. I want you to suck on my pussy and clit until I cum. That’s where I will drown you with my warm golden shower!

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