New Job!

As a college student I was in need for quick cash! So I decided to check out this strip club and see if they would take me! I always go to clubs with my girlfriends and dancing comes quite naturally to me. I knew I would be perfect! When I went in the owner took one look at me and told me to come back to his office for a private audition. I showed off my moves and he said I would be great for the club but I had to prove my worth. He was pretty hot and I really wanted to make money so I was totally down to give him a special show. Anything to get the job! I slowly slid down the pole he had in his officeโ€ฆspreading my legs and giving him a peak of my pussy. I think he liked how flexible I was because his cock became rock hard and next thing I knew his zipper was open and he was stroking his cock while I danced. I dropped down to my knees and made my way over to himโ€ฆI sucked his cock and he was moaning with pleasure. Then I gave him an extra special lap dance with my wet pussy sliding up and down his cockโ€ฆitโ€™s safe to say I got the job!

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