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I am not some innocent, virginal, hopeless romantic, relationship seeking woman. I don’t need flowers and champagne or a nice dinner to get me in the mood.
I already have a husband and am not looking for another one!
I don’t believe in just missionary. I want to try positions that the Kama Sutra hasn’t discovered yet.
I need a strong,no strings attached, tough man with calloused hands and hard dick to take control and to fuck me like he owns me and not let up until we are both satisfied!I need a man that will shove me against the wall,stick his tongue down my throat and his fingers inside my juicy fucking cunt! I need a man that shows me where I belong…on my knees.
His hands tangled in my hair, pushing his cock so deep down my throat that I am gagging and choking on his meat, then pulling me back and flipping me onto my stomach,the stubble on his face scraping my inner thighs as twists his tongue inside my aching pussy, forcing and orgasm out of me so powerful that went he inserts his dick that I can barely breathe.I need a man that isn’t afraid to take chances, pull my hair, tie me up and tease me until I am begging for release.
I need a man that isn’t afraid to call me a fucking slut, a whore, a cunt, a bitch. I need a real, strong, virile highly sexual man that can make me cum,by simply curling his fingers inside my pussy.

Are you that man…? *** Erin

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