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I’ve been babysitting for about a year now. There’s this one couple in particular I sit for every weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Long…they usually go out separately…and last Saturday night was no different. Mrs. Long went out with her friends and Mr. Long was working late that night…the kids passed out around 9p and the house was all mine! I don’t know what got into me but I was really horny that night. I figured I had plenty of time to satisfy myself so I started rubbing my soft clit as I laid on the couch. The more I rubbed the wetter it got and then I had one finger in my pussy…then two…I think the thrill of it made me hornier. I’m deep inside my pussy now about to cum when all of the sudden I hear Mr. Long say “What is going on?!”. I’m in shock now….I jump up and try and find my panties and the rest of my clothes. I’m apologizing and crying and then Mr. Long tells me to calm down as he picks up my black panties. He is staring right into my eyes and I am so scared of what will happen. He walked up me and slid his hand between my legs to feel my wet pussy. This is not what I was expecting but I went with it hoping I could keep my job! He bent me over the couch, unzipped his pants and fucked me as hard as he could. I felt his warm load fill up inside me and right then and there I had the most intense orgasm of my life! Still holding my panties, he put them in my hand and told me that next time I decided to be a bad girl in his house that I better be ready to take his cock as punishment. I babysit this weekend and I think I want to be bad again…what do you think? Call me and tell me what I should do! -Tanya

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