Naughty Stories..

I went to my first college costume party over the weekend to kick off my Halloween festivities, and was I in for a treat. I arrived with a few of my girl friends shortly after 11 pm in my sexy nurse costume. Every one was dancing to the music bumping through the speakers with a drink or two in hand. My girlfriends quickly made their way to the dance floor, as Leila and I made our way to the alcohol counter.  We quickly mixed together a cocktail and began scoping out the boys. We danced and laughed with one another as we talked about what boys we would hook up with. Many shots and many drinks later, my face became numb as my liquid courage grew. One minute I was dancing the next I had Leila’s tongue in my mouth and her hand was grabbing my ass. I had always thought Leila was beautiful and always had a fun time with her but nothing like this had ever happened to me. I had never kissed a girl, never even thought about it, and here I was making out with one in the middle of the dance floor at a party. Our sexy scene peeked the interest, and pants ;), of a few of the guys standing around. That is when both Leila and I saw Eric. Immediately we were both drawn to him, it was obvious, and he was enthralled. Before the party ended, Leila and I snuck away with Eric back to his apartment.  We had a few more drinks and that is when the fun really began.  Leila and I could not keep our hands, lips, and tongues off of one another. We quickly ripped all of our clothes off and took turns getting Eric’s hard cock and balls nice and wet with our mouth. I climbed on top of his throbbing cock as Leila climbed on top of his face. Kissing her while fucking him was exhilarating.  I had never experienced such a mind-blowing orgasm as Eric filled my dripping wet pussy with his cum, Leila screamed in excitement as she peaked. Leila then laid me on the bed, climbed on top of me and began to eat my pussy. She licked up every drop of cum leaking from me as Eric slid is throbbing cock into her. In between her moans, she quickly brought me to another climax with her tongue. I clutched the sheets as I experienced euphoria. Shortly after, both Leila and Eric climaxed again. The three of us laid in the bed in pure ecstasy.  It was most definitely a night to remember, who knows what will happen at the next costume party this week on Halloween :)

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