Naughty School Girl

Naughty school girl

To say my professor was hot was an understatement!!! And I have wanted him to fuck me since the school semester started. I had dropping subtle hints like spreading my legs and exposing my wet cunt under my short little skirt, even sucking suggestively on my pen! But he was seemingly clueless I had to take it to a whole new level. So I snuck into his office before he got there and set my self up in my shortest uniform and waited. It felt like hours, I could barely contain myself I just couldn’t wait any longer!!! I had to get off so I got my favorite toy from my purse and immediately started fucking my myself, I was so close to orgasming when i heard the door slam. My professor caught me red handed dildo buried in my cunt and on the verge of my orgasm. He stared at me wide eyed, I stammered ” I didn’t mean for you to catch me like this ” and he laughed at me!!! He asks, “You didn’t mean for me to catch you on MY desk…. fucking yourself?” I was speechless. I intended to seduce him sure , but not this way… I didn’t know what to do! I had to get out before I embarrassed myself further. Then I felt his hands graze along my thigh and felt the stinging smack on my cunt …. call to find out what happened next ask for -CLARY

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