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Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial start of Summer!
A group of us gather every year at a cabin by the lake for three days of non- stop
drinking, eating and fucking.
I am really excited this year because two of my dearest friends and favorite fuck buddies Jan and Mark are back home after a long deployment overseas.
Fewer things get me wetter than a man or a woman in uniform risking their life for this country.
I can’t wait to show them my appreciation!

I bought a brand new red and white and blue bikini, but I don’t plan on wearing it
for very long. When the three of us are in a room together things heat up pretty quickly. The night before they deployed overseas I had the two of them over to my place
for a little goodbye sex party.
Jan is a lesbian and was all about sucking my titties and licking my pussy, while I
went down on Marks thick hard dick. I deep-throated all eight inches too.
A little while later when I was on all fours getting pounded by his meat.
My face was buried in Jan’s extra juicy and tasty cunt.
She came all over my lips and tongue and I turned around and shared it with Mark,
who pulled out and shot his load all over my back.
A quick shower followed and then I found myself perched on Jan’s eight inch
strap-on, while Mark had his cock balls deep into my ass!
The three of us barely got any sleep before they shipped out the next morning.
I am hoping for a repeat performance this weekend.
Maybe they will bring a friend or two and things will get even hotter!
Damn, my little red panties are soaked just thinking about it!

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