I’m a bit of a people pleaser…or maybe just a cock pleaser…and teaser! I get this overwhelming feeling of accomplishment when I get a guy to explode and cum all over himself. I don’t let him get off THAT easy though so don’t get ahead of yourself. The secret to the best orgasm is making him wait for it…yes the build up before he gets to cum. I find it arousing listening to a guy moan and groan wanting to release. First I start off with the slow strokes up and down his dick…then I go a little faster…next I go down on him and wrap my mouth around his cock to make it even harder. By this time he’s thoroughly enjoying it…he knows he’s not allowed to cum though, not yet at least. After his cock is nice and wet I slide my panties off and push his rock hard dick into me. Yes… he finally gets a sweet taste of my tight pussy. He begs me to let him cum…I bounce up and down faster and faster until he can’t hold it any longer…I jump off of him and watch him release that big load of cum all over. Mmmm…mission accomplished.

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