Miss Domme

Miss Domme

It’s time to meet your new mistress! Humiliation is my favorite sport. I’m here to make you bow down and kiss my feet! You have been a very bad boy and it’s time the right lady put you in your place. It just so happens that that place is on the floor worshiping my feet like the foot slave that you are.

Do you have a fetish looking at women’s feet…admiring them as they walk by you? You have come to the right place. From heels to stockings and even those smelly feet after a long day of work…prepare to worship all of them!

Hardcore Foot Dom

I’m going to fuck your mouth with my heel as you bow down to me like a sad little puppy! If you’re really worthless they will be pressed against your balls!

Vanilla Foot Dom

Not everyone can handle the extreme. If you are the type that prefers to massage a woman’s foot and lick them clean I can work with that. I will admit nothing gets me wetter than a guy pampering my feet just like they deserve to be. Do you want to lick all over them..between each toe? Lick my soles clean like a good boy! I’m here for all of your foot fetish and footdom needs!

Financial Domination

Your money doesn’t buy my happiness here! It’s buy my entertainment. I seek cash slaves and pay pigs to surrender everything to me! I know you seek the thrill of being so helpless. I will drain your wallet then your bank account! It makes me so wet and horny when I take everything from a man and he becomes under my control. CUM now…let go of everything and give me a call! 

Other fantasy options: foot worship, toe worship, foot slave phone sex, footdom, sissy training, cross dressing, extreme domination


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