May Masturbation!

It’s National Masturbation Month!! 

In spirit of Masturbation Month here are a few fun facts just for you!!

-Legend says that masturbating too frequently can cause blindness, insanity, and stunted growth. The American Psychiatric Association says that unless masturbation is getting in the way of your everyday life, there is no such thing as too much self satisfaction.  So play away baby!!

-Studies show that masturbation strengthens your immune system. Must be why JetDolls are never sick hehehe!!

-There are no real health risks to masturbation!!! Especially mutual masturbation with a lovely JetDoll! ;)

-Orgasms relieve pain for roughly 10 minutes after climax!! Take that pain away!! 

Celebrate Masturbation Month with a Sexy JetDoll!! Call 1-800-538-3655

may masturbation

**May has cum and so should you**

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