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Try Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Scarlett at 1-800-Jet-Doll

I know you stroke that cock…but you have never stroked it while listening to me! A man like you needs a girl like me in control. Let me take you down the path of extreme sensual pleasure! All I need from you is a call or video sex chat! Whatever you choose…I am ready to rock your cock!

Scarlett’s Favorite Fantasies at 1-800-Jet-Doll

Role Play: I have alway been the imaginatve type! Maybe that’s is why role play phone sex and video sex chat is one of my favorites! Let’s get away from the boring day to day reality and step into my fantasy land! Am I the horny cheerleader craving your cock? Or maybe the new secretary that needs to be shown how things really go down at the office. Landlord and tenant perhaps? I know rent it due and I will do just about anything to get an extension…make me work for it ;)
-Domination (Sensual and financial): Sometimes you need to start with the softer side of domination. That’s where sensual dom comes into play. I am going to direct every move. You can’t cum until I allow it…I will make you feel good as I provide each and every instruction on how to stroke, squeeze and tug on your cock and balls!

-GFE: I get off on giving a guy exactly what he needs…this includes the emotional support! Have phone sex or video sex chat calls with me when you need some company! Take me out to eat or take me shopping! Then we can get freaky and have some hot sex. I’m the perfect girlfriend who will do it all!
-Lesbian Play: There is no standard for me! Men, women and anything else there is to offer! I consider myself fluid and am attracted to many people! I do happen to find myself hooking up with girls now and then! Lesbian phone sex is one of my favorites! 

Why Choose Scarlett for Video Phone Sex at 1-800-Jet-Doll

Why not? I’m sexy, sweet, and quite the view! My lingerie will tease you…what’s underneath will please you! Don’t hesitate any longer! It’s time to setup a sex or video chat call with me! I am available for sexting as well!

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