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      I’d been on my feet for twelve straight hours, serving green beer
      to drunk Irishmen in kilts while wearing a very sexy, but
      uncomfortable Irish Pub Girl costume.
      Low cut white blouse shoved into a green and black corset that
      jacked my thirty-six D’s practically up to my chin with a short
      green shirt, a green and white garter and black fuck me heels.
      Fending off grabby hands trying to see if I was a true redhead
      and if I had freckles everywhere…
      I am and I do!
      It was finally closing time and I was ready to close up shop and go
      As a matter of fact I was about to lock the door when this tall,
      well built Irish God appeared.
      Think a young Colin Farrell.
      I’d recalled seeing him earlier with a friend.
      Black T shirt stretched out over bulging muscles, with a green plaid
      kilt and black boots.
      “Aye can see that you’re closing, but I would love to have a drink
      with you.” he offered with his sexy Irish brogue.
      I suddenly forgot about being tired and stepped aside so that he
      could enter.
      I quickly placed the CLOSED sign on the door and locked it.
      I was going to get me some Irish in me after all!
      I leaned forward to close the shade on glass door, when my
      Irishman took the opportunity to run his strong hands up beneath
      my costume and slide my black thong down over my curvy bottom.
      I moaned as he slid two thick fingers into my soaking cunt and
      raking his fingers over my engorged clit.

      I braced myself against the wood paneling on the door as the first
      wave of orgasm overtook me.
      He spun me around to face him, his smoldering green eyes locking
      with my emerald green ones as he tore off his T shirt to reveal
      and a Celtic Cross Tattoo over his left pectoral muscle.
      He grabbed me and hoisted me up onto a nearby table.
      One hand on the back of my head fucking my mouth with his tongue
      as he lifted his kilt and plunged his huge cock into me.
      His thrusts were passionate and forceful.
      I white-knuckled the sides of the round table for leverage.
      Cumming multiple times, before he finally filled me with his brew…

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