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You walk into your hotel room and you find me waiting naked in your bed,my flame red hair splayed out on your pillow, My bright green eyes sparkling with mischief,lips parted seductively,my rosy nipples hard, my legs slightly bent and spread wide open so you can catch a glimpse of my slippery wet cunt. I am incredibly fucking aroused thinking about all of the ways that I can fulfill your every fantasy and your every need. My body is yours, you can do whatever you want to me and with me. All those things that other women say no too. I will say yes, you don’t even have to ask my permission. I just want you to take me, to fuck me like you own me. Fuck my mouth, fuck my cunt, fuck my ass and cum wherever you want. I will swallow it or take it in every hole. Call me a whore, pull my hair,spank my ass, tie me to the bed, bring a friend in to join us if you want . All that matters is right here and now is you and what you want, what you need.

I want to make your fantasies cum true… XXX Erin

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