How to Pick the Perfect Girl

Pick a Girl Any Girl!

Wondering how to have great phone sex? It all starts with the lady you choose! At 1-800-Jet-Doll we have a variety of ladies available 24-7. Be prepared…think about what you want before you call. Do you want a sexy ginger with a little waist and big tits? Or maybe a MILF who wants to share her hot jugs with you? Or do you want to command a sweet submissive Asian to do everything you please? The options are endless! We have so many ladies to choose from.

It doesn’t matter what time you call! 6AM in the morning or 10PM at night…we are open and ready to connect you to the lady or ladies of your choosing! That’s right you can have multiple girls on a call with you as well. This is great for the guys who can’t decide! Have a sexy blonde with big tits and a brunette with a big ass…double the trouble twice the fun! 


How to Get Started

Call 1-800-Jet-Doll and have your credit, debit or prepaid card ready to go! Make sure you are in a private comfortable environment with all of your toys and lubes and anything else you may need! Once you call you can go through an automated service to pick your lady or straight to customer service to speak LIVE to someone who can assist you with the type of girl you are looking for. After that the real party begins! Call 1-800-538-3655 to have the best phone sex with the perfect ladies!


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