Hotel Playtime

I have always LOVED hotels. I feel like whatever goes on in a hotel room…stays in the hotel room…except for what you hear on the other side of the line;) It’s my little escape…I can do whoever and whatever I want in that room and once I’m done I can leave and don’t have to clean up the mess. Hotel room phone sex is the best. Maybe you want to be in the room with me as we fuck each other on the bed, in the bathroom, on the floor…and don’t worry I ill have plenty of toys with me that can go wherever you’d like them to! In my tight pussy? Maybe in my mouth and then in my ass…I’ll be fucking myself so hard! Or maybe you want to listen in as I pick a guy up from the hotel bar…I can bring him back to my room and let him fuck me as you listen in and jack off like the dirty boy you are!

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