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      He threw me down face first onto the king sized bed and grabbed
      a fistful of my long chestnut brown hair.
      I gasped and winced as he twisted it up into a messy bun at the
      top of my head. He pressed the side of my face into the pillow
      and spread my legs wide apart.
      Leaning over me,his breath hot in my ear“Don’t fucking move!” he
      I didn’t.
      His footsteps trailed away and then I heard some rattling in the
      My heart racing, anticipation rising.
      My nipples were hard and my pussy was wet!
      Several moments later I heard him come back and I felt hot oil
      being drizzled over my shoulders, and over the middle of my back
      trailing down to my ass, dripping between my ass crack and pooling
      around my pussy lips.
      I heard him slap some more oil over his hands and then I felt him
      press down hard on my shoulders spreading the coconut scented oil
      over my neck,my arms, down my back and over my round bottom.
      He gave it a hard smack and then another…
      I jolted with a scream as the pleasure and pain shot through me.
      He swatted my ass again harder this time.
      “I told you not to fucking move!” he snarled.
      I smiled to myself and grasped hold of the top bed sheet as he
      continued his assault on my bottom.
      He smoothed his hands over the large globes and between my
      cheeks, pressing his thumb against my asshole.

      Eliciting a long squeal of pleasure from me, as he thrust his thumb
      in and out of my forbidden hole. His other hand parted my soaked
      pussy lips and three fingers found their way inside.
      As hard as I tried to remain still, I couldn’t!
      I arched my back like a cat and moved my hips in rythm with his
      fingers, until I screamed out a climax.
      He spread my legs even wider and I felt his weight on top of me.
      His left hand beneath me, grasping my breast, while his other
      guided his fat cock inside of me.
      He thrust hard, the oil causing his cock to slam inside of me
      deep,lifting me off of the bed as he adjusted himself.
      He fucked me hard and fast, sinking his teeth into my neck hard
      enough that I knew he was leaving a mark.
      His hot breath sending warm chills of renewed lust through me as
      another orgasm found me.
      I felt him get up briefly,but he wasn’t finished with me yet.
      My ass cheeks parted and I felt the engorged head of his cock
      pressing at my entrance and then he thrust inside.
      It felt like heaven and hell as he took me yet again to a place that
      I have never been before.He reached beneath me to rub my clit.
      The weight of his body almost felt like too much, the pleasure was
      too intense and my body wasn’t sure how to respond, until it did!
      He thrust into me one last time!
      Hot cum shooting into me, his thumb pressing hard onto my clit as
      I let out a sound that didn’t even sound human as I collapsed onto
      the bed and he on top of me…
      Xxoo Mackenzie

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