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      “Kassandra,It looks an awful lot like you are trying to escape my
      custody.” Hallie smirked glint in her sparkling green eyes as she took in
      my short orange pleather mini dress Inmate costume.
      I feigned sadness.
      “I’m so sorry Officer Hallie. It won’t happen again.” I assured her as I
      finished my glass of Witch’s Brew.
      “Damn right it won’t.” she snorted, grabbing my hands and wrenching
      them behind my back, nearly causing my breasts to spill from my black
      push-up bra.
      I felt the cool metal of the cuffs and heard them snap together.
      She lead me upstairs to her bedroom, which she kept locked during
      these parties, tossed me inside.
      “On your knees Inmate!”
      I nodded and did as she asked and dropped to my knees by her bed. .
      She slowly removed her Sexy Cop romper.
      Her long jet black hair tumbled out of her police cap, her porcelain 34
      double D’s spilled out of her black romper as she lowered the zipper and
      then the romper to reveal her juicy pussy, with a patch of black hair on
      Her thigh highs and black stiletto knee boots remained.
      Hallie was stunning.
      She sat down on the edge of the bed and spread her pussy lips.
      “Lick it” she demanded.
      I happily licked that cunt and sucked on that clit, until she came in my
      mouth,but once wasn’t enough she demanded more and more.
      My face was covered in her cum and that was only the beginning…

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