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      My pussy is dripping wet thinking of a Halloween from a few years ago.
      I was dating this nerdy guy named Justin.
      He wasn’t great with this dick, but damn his tongue was magical!
      I tried to break up with him, but he begged me come to his friends
      Halloween party and then he made me cum with this tongue.
      I acquiesced.
      I was rocking my short black and purple Sexy Witch costume and
      enjoying a cocktail, dancing along to a tune playing over the sound
      system. When this tall woman in a fairy costume bumped into me,
      nearly knocking me over.
      I turned around and got a good look at them.
      The Fairy towered over me,cascading blonde wig, with rose and glitter
      headband,flawless face painted makeup,shimmery powder blue dress,
      with wings,sparkle tights and blue satin booties.
      The Faerie winked at me.
      OH MY GOD!
      He placed a finger to his lips and grabbed my hand and lead me
      downstairs to an adult playroom.
      “Tonight I am Faerie Justine and you are my Mistress.” he offered in a
      lispy whisper.
      Everything was making so much more sense now…
      He plucked a double ended strap-on and harness from the shelf and
      handed it to me.
      I dropped my panties slipped the shorter end inside of my wet pussy and
      stroked the remainder of the eight inch phallus.
      “On your knees Fairy Justine!”
      She immediately dropped to her knees and stroked the cock and licked it
      up and down and stared up at me as she took the cock into her mouth.
      Every movement “Justine” made with her mouth caused the toy to rub
      my G spot.
      “That’s it you little Faerie!” I moaned , grabbing Justine by the back of
      the head forcing the cock down her throat.

      To find out what else I made Faerie Justine do and if anyone else got
      involved you should call me and find out….
      Xox Pamela

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