Domination FaceTime with Jazmin

Facetime Jazmin

My name is Jazmin and I am available for FaceTime, Skype and Phone sex. I can tell you domination sex is my favorite, but I can do it all. It’s time for you to explore your sexual needs with me. I want you to experience the X X X kinky side of phone sex and video chat. Don’t let my sweet voice fool you…I am here to dominate you. It’s time to expose yourself to me…each and every secret! Don’t worry darling…every detail stays between us, but it IS time to confess to your mistress Jazmin!

Sensual Domination Phone Sex
This is for the boys who aren’t ready for the physical pain yet. At one moment I am your temptress teasing you with pleasure, the next I am denying your every wish. You will be begging for more as I laugh in your face! My beauty will keep you mesmerized and my dominating personality will have you cumming over and over again(If I allow it of course).

Types of Sensual Dom: Jerk off to my instruction, Tease and Deny, Ass Worship, Pussy Worship, Foot Slut, Cum Eating, Cuckold

XXX (Strict) Domination Phone Sex
Get a taste of the extreme side! This is where I can really have some fun! This is where the real torture comes in…you will be wondering if you can take it but you won’t actually have a choice! Once we connect on video or over the phone you are under MY control! No backing out until I am done with you. After verbally humiliating you I think I will have to dress you up in heels and some sexy lingerie…are you ready to be my little sissy? 

Types of X X X Domination: Sissy Training, Sexual Slavery, Financial Dom, Small Dick Humiliation, Strap On Play, BDSM

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