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Phone sex is one of the more common ‘alternative’ types of sexual encounters. Phone sex has little to no limits and both men and women of different ages have tried it! ย Paid phone sex is a highly erotic alternative to give you exactly what you need.ย Calling the ladies of JetDoll allows you to indulge in fantasies that you might not be willing to try in a real life situation. Some might even say it is easier than real sex. One reason for this might be that, for those guys who are more sensitive or self conscious, it allows them to avoid embarrassment. Others prefer the fantasy or role-playing aspect, where they can imagine the dirty details themselves and set up the perfect sexual fantasy. EVERY little detail is under your control, which allows for your sexual experience to be the best it can be! Itโ€™s perfect for someone that needs to be pleasured right then and thereโ€ฆinstead of searching for that sexual partner we are ready to go 24/7!! Another plus is that there is no physical risk at all, EXCEPT for what you do to yourself. ;)

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