Emily’s First Throat Fuck

The door slammed, jolting me awake.
I lifted my head trying to familiarize myself with my surroundings.
Stark white walls,empty desks, and crumpled paper and the smell of
stale coffee permeated the room.
I’d fallen asleep in Professor Jones class again!
Panic washed over me!
I’d taken a job at a local gentlemans club to help pay for school and I
hadn’t been getting home until late, which meant that I had been falling
asleep in Professor Jones class more often than not.
He marched over to me, brown eyes narrowed,nostrils flaring.
“Ms.Hastings, this is the third time that you have fallen asleep in my
class!” the older man screamed, arms now crossed over his chest.
I wiped some drool from the corner of my naturally thick lips.
“Yes, Professor Jones. I understand and I am very sorry.”
I could feel him looking me over, taking in my low cut red blouse and
short black shirt and boots.
“Is that glitter on your neck?” he frowned.
I self consciously touched where he was staring.
“Yes Sir.” I replied timidly. “I’ve been working as a dancer at a club at
night to help pay for my tuition.”
He raised his furrowed brows and a smirk appeared on his lips.
He removed the wedding band from his left ring finger and placed it in
his front pocket and then lowered his zipper.
His penis flopped out into my face and he began to stroke it.
“If you want to remain in my class, I suggest you show me those tits
and get to sucking.” he commanded.
I nodded and with trembling hands I quickly removed my blouse and
bra, my small yet perky B cup tits bounced.
He reached out with his hands and fondled them, rubbing his thumbs
over my bite sized nipples.

I cringed a bit at first, but the more he began rubbing, the more I
liked it. I looked up at him and gently grabbed his cock.
I licked it from base to tip, wrapping my thick lips around the
mushroom head. I coaxed him up against the roof of my mouth toward
the back of my throat, rubbing the base with my finger tips.
I began to hum as I took him deeper.
“Oh yeah…” Professor Jones moaned, grabbing me by my red ponytail.
I began to tense a bit, being somewhat inexperienced especially with
older men. I wasn’t sure what to expect.
He began forcing his cock deeper, past where I was comfortable with,
causing me to gag and choke, my eyes were watering.
I placed my hands on his pudgy stomach to signal that I needed some
air, but he kept going for a moment or two longer, before releasing my
I swallowed in some air and dabbed my eyes with my blouse.
He pulled me up from the desk and kissed me roughly on the lips.
“I’m not finished with you, Ms. Hastings.” he sneered.
He tugged me over to his desk.
I thought he was going to fuck me, but he had something else in mind.
He instructed me to lay down on top of his surprisingly clean desk and
hang my head over the side and open my mouth.
I felt dizzy.
I’d never done this before.
Professor Jones guided his cock back into my mouth, cupping my head
in one hand as he slowly began to fuck my throat, pushing past my
comfortable place again, lightly caressing my neck and my breasts with
his other hand.
I could breathe better, but my eyes were still watering, especially once
he began thrusting faster, his balls smacking my forehead this time.
His breathing increased along with his strokes, shoving his cock deep
into my throat. I felt him tense and his cum release into me.
I slowly sat up, swallowing his jizz.

Professor Jones grabbed me by the back of my head again, shoving his
tongue into my throat and fingers into my drenched pussy, his thumb
rubbing over my hard clit,until I came all over them, my thighs

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