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      “If either one of you move, I will fucking kill you!” I warned as I balanced myself upon two
      deliciously long, thick throbbing black cocks. Marcus in my swollen, drenched pink pussy, my
      large 42 Double D’s dangling in his face and Darius in my fat white ass.
      I was one aching erogenous zone.
      Both of my lovers were half my age and in perfect physical shape.
      This was far from my first threesome with two men, far from it actually.
      Still I wanted to savor it.
      I loved that feeling of being in control, in command.
      “Okay, slowly now.”
      Marcus and Darius did as I asked and soon the three of us were moving in sync, like a well oiled
      sex machine.
      Darius pulled my strawberry blond hair to the side and nuzzled by neck, biting and sucking it as
      Marcus reached up and grabbed my breasts, tugging my nipples between his fingers.
      “Yeah, guys that’s it.” I whimpered as Marcus began rubbing his thumb over my engorged
      I leaned into Darius as the first orgasmic wave washed over me.
      He turned my face to him and forced his tongue down my throat, stroking my neck, their cocks
      moving faster now.
      My body could barely keep up as one orgasm after the next washed over me, beads of sweat
      covering all of us.
      Marcus pulled me toward him, taking a nipple into his mouth and biting it hard as Darius
      squeezed my jiggling ass and thrust even faster filling my asshole with his semen.
      This spurred Marcus on and he filled my pussy up, as I squirted all over his cock.
      Marcus pulled out first and then Darius and I laid back on the bed, between my young lovers as
      their cum gushed out of satisfied holes.
      My husband Kevin quickly dropped to his knees and his little cock in his hand and eagerly
      cleaned me up, bringing me to yet another orgasm with his tongue.
      ~ Johanna

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