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      You tied me up a little too tight last night, but that’s alright.
      I loved it and so did you…
      When I look at the red rope burns on my wrist and ankles, that ache
      makes me so wet!
      We’ve tried silk ropes and handcuffs, but those are for amateurs.
      I prefer the realness and the prickliness of the ropes as gently cut
      into my skin. I relish in the pain that it gives me, while you are
      pleasuring me with your mouth and your tongue.

      The way my body thrashes and bucks, causing the ropes to tighten as
      you suck and bite on my swollen pussy lips, bring me to orgasm.
      The look of hunger and dominance in your eyes as you thrust your
      tongue into my mouth. I feel your hard thick cock rubbing against my
      belly. You take the head and slap it against my clit, then without
      warning you shove it inside of me.
      Deep and hard.
      I’m breathless…

      My body alive with the pleasure and the pain as the ropes cut into my
      wrists and my ankles.
      You dip your head and bite my nipples, tugging them hard between your
      teeth, thrusts harder and faster now.
      Your mouth roams from one breast to the other.
      I’m so close to another orgasm and then you do the one think that you
      know is going to push me over the edge.
      Like a vampire you sink your teeth into my neck and suck, teasing the
      skin between your teeth, until my eyes are watering.
      One final thrust and then I cum.
      Drenching your cock and your balls.

      With that you lift your head and lean over me.
      You grab a blade and untether my ankles.
      You place some of my juices on my asshole and then with a mischievous
      glint in your eyes you slide your cock into my asshole
      The head goes in easily.
      I wrap my legs around your waist as you work yourself into me.
      Slowly at first and then once you are balls deep.
      You begin to move faster and harder, the ropes cutting into my wrists.
      I cum again and so do you…
      I love it when you do me rough…


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