Date Night

Tonight is the Night:

Usually it involves a failed attempt of going out with my husband. We go out with the intentions of having a romantic evening that ends with our sexual needs being satisfied. This does not happen though…by the time we get home we’re too tired to play! Pretty pathetic I must say. Finally, I decided it was time to switch things up. I called him up at work and left him a voice mail…”I have date night covered tonight…I will be ready and waiting for you when you get home.” A sweet and simple message that could leave him wondering what I had in store for him that evening. There were no intentions of going out that night…as he got home he was greeted by a dim candle-lit home and me waiting in my sexy satin robe with my matching lingerie underneath.

As he stared at me from the hallway I noticed his cock immediately responded to what he was seeing. His large budge protruding through his pants…it made me ache for him. I walked over to him and caressed his face and gave him a gentle kiss as I started to undress him. Then, I grabbed his hand and made him feel my smooth breasts and then let him feel what was inside my panties. I was wet and he was about to explode right there in the hallway. We’re kissing deeply and passionately now and finally give him what he wants…a nice hard squeeze of his throbbing cock. He lifts me up and carries me into the bedroom to have his way with me…it’s safe to say date night has begun and will be one to remember! Don’t you want to experience a dirty date night with me? Let’s have some fun…800-538-3655

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