Horny Housewife Dana

Hey there!

I’m Dana. I’m your newly cooped up housewife that’s looking for some fun. I started doing phone sex and video chat to help pass the time! Sure, most people just get a hobby like jogging or sewing, but my mind is so dirty this seemed like the best idea! The first thing to catch your eye will be my curves…I was blessed with large tits and a big juicy ass! My filthy mind will keep you cumming back for more!

Hot Housewife Sex – Playing with the Frat Boys

This happened the night out on the town! I’m an innocent housewife and we live in a college town full of young sexy men! Me and my friend ended up at this guys house…she ended up ditching me for some guy so there I was all alone! I met this guy named Kyle. “Want some company?” he asked. I said sure and he brought me to the pool house where his friend Josh was. I introduced myself and they both winked at each other and we all sat on the couch with me in the middle of them.

They immediately called me out for being a horny housewife! “Fresh meat” is what they called me. Kyle then told me it was time to find out what a real college experience is all about. He said it was time to show them what kind of naughty housewife I was. I didn’t want to disappoint.

I immediately started to rub Kyle’s cock over his pants. I didn’t want to leave Josh out so I started rubbing on his too. They both had long hard cocks. They both slid their hands up in between my legs. They could feel how wet I was. Josh grabbed my face and started to make out with me while Kyle pulled my panties off. They told me I was a good girl for wearing a dress and making it easy for them.

Next thing I know they are taking their pants and boxers off. They were both SO big…I had never had two cocks at the same time before! I was scared my pussy couldn’t take it…

Call me to see if I could handle my pussy being stuffed with two cocks! 1-800-538-3655

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