Cuckold Husband

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My husband is so sexually inadequate!  He has never satisfied me with that tiny cock of his so I use him for cuckold phone sex! He has accepted that he will never please me and that I decide what cock I want in my pussy. I love making him watch me get fucked by a real man…with a REALLY big cock! He gets off on watching too. If he’s a good boy I will let him pick out which cock I’m going to fuck that night.  I’m sure it kills him to know that he doesn’t get to fuck me…all he can do it play with that little cock of his! The only time he gets access to my pussy is to clean it up once the other man has shot his big load deep inside me. Then my husband is allowed to come over and lick my pussy clean.  It’s his job to make sure everything is cleaned up! -Mallorie

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