“Victoria, Please don’t make me do this!”Cathie pleaded staring at the long thick black cock in front of him.
My friend with benefits Gordon was laying on the King size bed in our master bedroom, on his back. Cathie was on his knees between his thighs, the gorgeous cock bobbing in front of him.

Gordon was the last person you would think that would be willing to allow another man suck his cock.
He was six foot seven, two hundred and fifty pounds and pure muscle.
Cathie wasn’t much of a man, though.

Gordon loved bossing little bitches like him around.

I knelt down beside of him and placed my hands on the back of his head, digging my long black fingernails into his sensitive scalp.
He winced and his little clit wiggled.
“Listen you little Faggot, all I have heard from you the past few months is how you want to suck a big black dick! You want to know how it feels to have it cum inside your mouth!” I yelled at him.”Well Gordon here has generously offered his thick, glorious eleven inch uncut black dick to you.”

“It’s too big.”Cathie offered, swallowing hard.

My patience with him was growing thin.
I was not in the mood for his whining!
I moved my hands around to his mouth and opened it wide as Gordon pushed the foreskin of his cock backward, revealing the glistening head and forced it into his mouth.
Cathie resisted.
“Don’t you bite me bitch!”Gordon growled, gruffly replaced my hands with his.
“You think that sucking it is tough, wait til I ram inside that pretty little pink asshole!” he threatened.
Cathie’s eyes widened with a mixture of fear and excitement and his body tensed,while his clit jumped.

I cackled and gave it a flick with my thumb and index finger. Gordon continued to fuck his face.
I crawled my way back to his side and and gave him a hot kiss. “Put that juicy pussy on my face,Vic.” he commanded.
As much as I love telling Cathie what to do.

I really do enjoy it when a man, a real man like Gordon enjoys bossing me around.
I happily climbed up on his face, reaching behind me to brace myself on the brass bed frame. He parted my pussy lips with his thumbs,his tongue circled around my clit, causing me to jerk and jump.
I looked down at Cathie, who was going to town on Gordon’s cock, massaging the shaft,cupping his balls.
I leaned forward my face inches from his.
“You like that don’t you Cathie?” I whispered seductively,working my fingers into his hair.
I guided his head up and down on Gordon’s cock.
Gagging him with it.

Gordon continued exploring my pussy with his tongue,slipping it deep inside of me.
I began riding his cock and as I did I worked Cathie’s mouth on him at the same time.
All of us moving at the same rhythm.
I came within in seconds and moved off of Gordon’s face,but I continued directing Cathie’s movements. I could see his hard little nub starting to turn purple and I knew that he was getting close.
“You really are a little cock sucking loser,Cathie!” I taunted with a laugh.”Just wait until Gordon lays you back and slides this big dick into your tight ass hole and fucks you like the bitch you are!”

“I’m close,Vic.” Gordon grunted.” Suck it harder bitch!”
I pumped his head faster and faster,until Gordon pushed me out of the way and forced his cock balls deep into Cathie’s throat, holding him down as he let out a sharp cry and I knew that he was filling my husband’s throat with his cum.

Cathie choked it down and cleaned the cock up, it was then that I allowed him to have his own orgasm, which he licked off of the sheets.

I smiled at my little faggot and caressed his face, kissing him on the forehead. “This is just the beginning, Darling.”

xo Victoria

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