Clary~ I am sexy sweet and quite the naughty treat! Want a taste? I knew I would be great at phone sex from the start…I have never shied away from my sexual side and there’s nothing more exciting than being naughty! Let your guard down and be prepared to explore your fantasies and fetishes! I am 100% ready for you! 


Top Reasons Why You Should Have GREAT Phone Sex with Clary
– I’m sexy sweet and a naughty blonde that knows how to party!
– Live out your wildest phone sex fantasies with me! I don’t judge and i’m always down for new things
– It’s safe and secure and discreet
– Talk to me as long as you want…i’m available when you need me ;)
– First time caller? Get 10 FREE minutes after our call!

Babysitter Fantasy Phone Sex

This could go one of two ways! Have babysitter/nanny fantasy phone sex at 1-800-Jet-Doll! Want to do a little role playing with me? I will be the hot babysitter you have been drooling over! You wife is slightly jealous, but doesn’t have a clue that you jack off to me any chance you get! Every day you race home hoping to see me before your wife gets home so I can innocently flirt with you! Or is it innocent? Maybe i’m ready to give daddy just what he wants!

If it’s not fantasy you’re looking for maybe you want to hear my REAL nanny stories? Let’s just say I have been a nanny for quite the interesting households! I once was a nanny for this family that had your typical stay-at-home mom and the hardworking dad. Somehow the wife always needed a break from “watching” her child so that’s where I came in. The husband would get home way before his wife and we would always chat a bit before I would take off. Well then he starts nagging about how his wife can’t please him and how she just cares about her free time to shop and go to the spa with all of his money!

I told him he deserved to be treated MUCH better. Turns out he thought I was better…want to find out how we ended up fucking behind the wife’s back? Call me to hear the rest! 


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