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Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Every holiday season like most companies, the company that I work
for has a Secret Santa gift exchange. The gifts were opened at
the annual Christmas Party.

In the years that I had worked there I had received some very
interesting gifts, but this year was my favorite!
I’d worn my most festive royal blue dress and silver heels.
I grabbed a glass of champagne and sauntered over to the gift
table and placed the glittery candy cane wrapped box that I’d
brought onto the table with the others.
A scarf for my boss,Madeline.
She was a tall, brains and beauty type that always got what she
wanted. Tonight she was wearing a glittery cocktail dress and

A moment later my phone dinged.
I retrieved it from my silver clutch.
A text from and unknown caller.
“Meet me in conference room #1, immediately to receive your
Another ding.
“Close your eyes once you enter the room.”
This was getting very interesting.
I downed the rest of my champagne and made my way down the
long hallway to the darkened conference room #1.

I closed my eyes and I felt someone behind me placing a blindfold
over my eyes. I was lead into the room, my clutch taken away and
my hands placed behind my back.
I felt something silky being placed around my wrists.
I heard the door lock behind us.
I knew that I should be scared.

I had no idea who was in the room with me,but I was too aroused.
I felt long nails gently scraping over my D cup breasts and I felt
soft lips and full breasts press against my own.
She slipped her tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately
before dropping to her knees and licking my pussy, sucking on my
She bent me over the table and a moment later I felt a silicone
dong enter me, she reached around, rubbing me until we both
She removed the dong and gently shoved me to my knees and
placed it into my mouth only then did she remove the blindfold and
reveal her identity….
Xoxo Emily

Unwrapping Santa

Unwrapping Santa

Every Christmas, people are focused on Santa’s sleigh and his bag
of goodies, except for me.
I want to know what Santa is hiding underneath his crimson red
velvet suit.
I want to see how big his Yule log is and how it feels and tastes.
Is it salty or does it taste sweet like Candy?
I decided to slip into my sexiest lingerie, light a fire,turn on my
Christmas lights and pour myself a glass of wine and await
St.Nick’s arrival.

Around three in the morning, I hear slight thump against my front
door. I cover myself with cozy blanket and pretend to be asleep.
I feel a burst of cold air and then I hear the door quietly close.
Santa rounds the couch dragging his sack behind him.
Opening one eye, I catch a glimpse of him kneeling by the colorful,
twinkle lit tree.
I carefully stood from the sofa and joined him at the Christmas
tree. He seemed stunned,his blue eyes twinkling brighter than the
lights on the tree.
I leaned forward and kissed his rosy lips.

Santa grinned, returning my kiss.
” I want to unwrap your package, Santa”
“I don’t think Mrs. Clause would like that.” he offered with a
hesitant, yet warm, husky voice.
“She isn’t here.” I reminded him and leading him over to the sofa.
I quickly, unbuckled his black belt and shoved his heavy jacket off
of his shoulders.
Why Santa wasn’t fat at all.
Far from it, I realised as I tugged his white T shirt over his head.
He had a furry gray chest and washboard abs.
Mrs. Clause was a very lucky woman!
I caressed his chest and stomach, eagerly unfastening his pants.
He was wearing red boxer briefs, that contained long thick, juicy
I shoved him down into the sofa and climbed nakedly onto his face,
rubbing my swollen clit on his long gray beard.

I devoured his cock, taking him all the way down to his balls.
He was sweet.
Santa happily, shoving his tongue into my pussy.
He grunted,and I knew it was time to sit on his lap.

“Oh,ho, Oh!”
Santa grunted as he filled me up.
I kept riding him as he sucked on my nipples, until I came in Santa’s

~ Adrienne

Santa’s Naughty Helper

Santa’s Naughty Helper

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year! Unfortunately it is not my boyfriend’s favorite! He HATES to socialize or go to any of the fun parties. Lucky for me he had to go to his work Christmas party. I told him I could come along and wear my sexy red satin dress to get him in the spirit! Boy did that get him excited! What I didn’t realize is that it was going to get his boss really excited too. I’ve met his boss a few times, but this time became the most memorable… He was dressed as a sexy Santa and he really pulled it off! As my boyfriend continued to drink and let his guard down his boss kept flirting with me more and more! I was torn between pushing him away or letting it happen. Is it his boss after all…I didn’t want to cause problems! As the time went on my boyfriend was very distracted talking to the other guys at the party about office work. His boss went up to him and told him he needed to borrow ME for a moment and that he would bring me right back! In shock I watched my boyfriend say “okay” like it was no big deal! Then his boss came to me and said he needed me to be his little helper for a moment. At this point I couldn’t just say no! So I followed him and he took me into his office. He locked the door and looked at me and smiled and started to un-zip his pants and stroke his cock. I immediately felt a sense of warmth and started to tingle everywhere. I was horny. I couldn’t resist as he grabbed my body and started to kiss me. He told me he knew I was a naughty girl and needed to be punished with his cock. I immediately dropped to knees and started sucking his big cock. Want to know what happened next? Call me baby….Alexis

Madam MILF

Madam MILF

The Amazing Tits of Madam MILF!

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Not only is she married, but she is the nastiest mom you will ever fuck. The words that come out of her mouth will make the dirtiest man blush. Care to find out? Call now!!

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Double Stuffed

Double Stuffed

“If either one of you move, I will fucking kill you!” I warned as I balanced myself upon two
deliciously long, thick throbbing black cocks. Marcus in my swollen, drenched pink pussy, my
large 42 Double D’s dangling in his face and Darius in my fat white ass.
I was one aching erogenous zone.
Both of my lovers were half my age and in perfect physical shape.
This was far from my first threesome with two men, far from it actually.
Still I wanted to savor it.
I loved that feeling of being in control, in command.
“Okay, slowly now.”
Marcus and Darius did as I asked and soon the three of us were moving in sync, like a well oiled
sex machine.
Darius pulled my strawberry blond hair to the side and nuzzled by neck, biting and sucking it as
Marcus reached up and grabbed my breasts, tugging my nipples between his fingers.
“Yeah, guys that’s it.” I whimpered as Marcus began rubbing his thumb over my engorged
I leaned into Darius as the first orgasmic wave washed over me.
He turned my face to him and forced his tongue down my throat, stroking my neck, their cocks
moving faster now.
My body could barely keep up as one orgasm after the next washed over me, beads of sweat
covering all of us.
Marcus pulled me toward him, taking a nipple into his mouth and biting it hard as Darius
squeezed my jiggling ass and thrust even faster filling my asshole with his semen.
This spurred Marcus on and he filled my pussy up, as I squirted all over his cock.
Marcus pulled out first and then Darius and I laid back on the bed, between my young lovers as
their cum gushed out of satisfied holes.
My husband Kevin quickly dropped to his knees and his little cock in his hand and eagerly
cleaned me up, bringing me to yet another orgasm with his tongue.
~ Johanna