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Granny Gangbang : Martha the GILF

Granny Gangbang : Martha the GILF

I am in my sixties and I have tried everything and then some and I am not ready to stop now! This granny likes to fuck.
Young pussy is smooth and sweet, but sometimes you need a woman with some extra seasoning and hair.
Saggy tits and cunt that can really take pounding!
Hell, just last week I had a gangbang with three nice young men,
who’d come to my house to do some yard work.
The youngest was nineteen and the oldest was twenty-five.
It was a hot day here in Texas and well I invited them in.
Gave them something to drink and offered to let them cool off in
my pool.

Clothing optional.
I asked them if they’d ever been with a sixty something year old
granny before and they all shook their head no.
I stripped down too and asked them if they’d like to be.
They nodded in unison.
We all piled into the teak daybed by the pool.
All three of my play things had thick hard dicks.
I’d meant to take my time with each of them, but all of us were so horny that it didn’t end up that way.

The guys had other ideas.
They flipped me onto my back across the bed.
One between my legs licking my cunt, one sucking on my tits and
the other shoving his cock into my mouth.
I swallowed his load and eagerly took on the next cock, while another slammed his cock into my aching pussy.
For the next two hours they each took turns in my pussy and my
mouth. Pounding both hard and fast.

By the time they were done I was covered in cum and worn out and looking forward to next weekend when they bring over a few more
of their friends for some fun with granny.

  • Martha
Asian Special, Hot and Spicy

Asian Special, Hot and Spicy

I enter the upscale hotel’s bar, wearing my most scandalous red dress and
gold heels, making me much taller than my normal five foot one stature.
My long black hair arranged in a side pony, my cute face painted up like an
asian doll.

Our eyes connect from across the crowded bar.
I can tell by the excited, yet nervous glint in your eyes that you are the man
that I am here to meet.
I saunter over to you and casually take the empty bar stool next to yours.
The chain of my gold purse clinking on the glass bar.
You order me my favorite drink, Red Lotus.
Your eyes widen as you take in my low cut red silk mini dress with gold

I take a perfunctory sip, my red lip gloss staining the rim of the glass, both
of us knowing that soon it will be staining your cock as well.
I turn to you with a smirk, crossing my short, toned legs seductively.
“You ordered the Hot, Spicy, Asian Special?”
You nod, almost embarrassed.
I place my hand on your thigh, teasing you with my long red fingernails as I finish my drink.
You down the remainder of your beer and off we go up to your room.
Once you unlock the door with your keycard and we stroll inside all of that

I shove you against the closed door and place a hot and spicy kiss on your
lips and then dropped to my knees and unbutton your trousers and take
your cock into my mouth.
I look up at you with my beautiful black asian eyes as I deep throat you.
You cum quickly.
I swallow and we make our way to the bed.
As you make yourself comfortable, I begin to undress.
My sexy little B cup titties pop out and I shove the rest of the dress over my
hips, so that it puddles on the floor.
You look at my red lace panties skeptically.
“Are you sure that you are uh… special?”

I giggle and pull down panties.
Out pops my thick asian dong.
Your face widens into a grin.
This time, you get on your knees and you take my cock into your mouth.
I’m surprised at how good you are as you deep throat me and I fill your
mouth with my sweet Asian cum.

Secretary Sex with the Boss

Secretary Sex with the Boss

I sat across from my boss, an older gentleman in his late fifties while he stared at the computer screen.
I knew that the company was laying off some workers.
I’d already watched three friends be escorted out by security.
All of their belongings in a medium sized brown box.
He removed his glasses and cleared his throat, folding his hands in
front of him somberly.
Yup, he was going to fire me…Sometimes sex from the secretary is just what the boss needs to change his mind though.

I should be worried, but I had a plan to ensure that I would keep my job, something my friends probably hadn’t tried. A plan to fulfill secretary sex fantasies he’s probably only dreamed of!
I reached up and removed a pin from my hair, allowing it to
cascade around my shoulders.
He tensed and cleared his throat again.
“You look tense Boss.” I offered licking my red lips as I slowly
raised from my chair and crossed around his desk.
I grabbed onto the back of the chair and pulled him back from his
desk amid his small protest and dropped to my knees in front of

I locked eyes with him as I unzipped my dress and freed my tits
from the bra I was wearing, pinching my nipples.
He opened his mouth as if to say something, but instead stopped.
I moaned and ran my hands up his inner thighs, feeling an average
sized boner.
I pulled his cock out of his underwear, pleased to see a thick well
defined head.
My pussy was getting wet!
I stroked him.
I rubbed his cock over my face and my nipples and then I took him
into my warm wet mouth.
I was slow, gathering saliva as I inched toward the base of his
shaft. Locking eyes with him again.
I gently tugged and massaged his balls in my hand.
He exhaled deeply, happily, casually running his fingers through my hair.

I pretended to gag on him as I deep throated him.
He gasped.
I really did like his cock and was extremely aroused.
I lifted my mouth with a “pop”, rose to my feet and shoved my
dress down over my hips.

I hopped up on a clear spot on his desk and spread my legs.
He dove into my pussy with his face and licked it as if it were his
last meal, sucking and licking the sensitive folds, biting my clitoris.
I grabbed the back of his head with my hands and ground against
his face, until I came. He lifted my legs high against his shoulders
and then shoved his cock into me, all the way to the base.
We both moaned, staring at one another as he fucked me like he
owned me, which in this situation, he probably did.
I was fucking him to keep my job after all!
A couple of more deep thrusts and I came.
He pulled out and shot all over my tits.

Breathless he slumped back into his chair and I slid off of the
desk and made my way back to the chair across from him.
He cleared his throat again.
“Yes Boss?”
“You were never getting fired, but it’s nice to know that you are
willing to do whatever it takes to remain employed.”
I sat there a bit dumbfounded.
“You should get cleaned up. You have a job to do.”

I guess secretary sex should help me in the long run? I sure hope so!

Couples Phone Sex

Couples Phone Sex

My husband Jake and I have been married for fifteen years and never had any couples phone sex.
On our tenth wedding anniversary we decided to become Swingers.
Our marriage and sex life was dead in the water and I was quickly becoming a lonely house wife.
Both of us had been bi-curious since forever and once I licked
pussy and he sucked a dick.
We were all in as they say. lol

We fuck each other like there’s no tomorrow!
Jake and I decided to spice up our boring sex life even further join
JetDoll and play while others listen in.
After all we have already seen each other fucked senseless and
covered in cum!

We are both attractive with athletic body types.
Jake has a huge cock and you should see what a delicious ass he has.
He loves to have it fingered while deep throat him.
I have some big ol’ titties and a juicy pussy and a tight asshole.
All of which you are welcome to lick, bite, suck, and fuck!
We are open minded and bi sexual with insatiable appetites.
We love to participate in group sex and gang bangs.
I have seen Jake throat fuck men and women with his big cock and
I have also seen him be throat fucked.
He’s watched me get banged by ten guys in one very long cum filled

We would love for you all to call and listen while he throat fucks
me, tears up my asshole or just licks my pussy until I cream all over
his lips and lick it clean.
Maybe you just want to hear about our sexual experiences? Do you readers out there like to swing and have unbridled, rough couples phone sex like we do? I’ve always been told I the horniest one in my group of friends, but that’s just the way I was made. I love it and can’t get enough!
Either way, I’m sure you’ll be cumming back for more…

Naughty Nanny

I’d just drifted off to sleep when I heard my bedroom door open.
The man of the house Mr. H quietly walked into my bedroom.
I heard the door close and saw him creep over to my bed, wearing only
a pair of silk black boxers.
I’d just started working as a live-in nanny for the family a few weeks
prior to this and had noticed Mr. H, an attractive Latino man in his
forties looking at me in a way that made my nipples get hard and my
pussy get wet.

He held his index finger up to his lips as if to tell me to be quiet as he
slipped into bed next to me.
“We have to be very quiet Emily.”he whispered.
I nodded.
He pressed his lips to mine and began to kiss me gently, caressing my
jawline and neck, then my breasts over my white tank top, thumbing my
nipples and then beneath it.

He circled his tongue around each of them.
“Very sweet.” he moaned in delight as he slipped his right hand inside
of my pink bikini panties and inside of my pussy.
“This is very tight.” he grinned.
I nodded again, uncertain of what to say or what to do.
I wasn’t expecting this.
Mr. H kissed me again, this time more passionately, flicking his tongue
over my swollen clit.
I bucked with pleasure beneath him, cumming almost instantly.
“Shhh” he reminded me gently as he licked my juices from his fingers.

He made me cum a few more times and then he pulled down his boxers
and climbed on top of me.
“Are you a virgin,Emily?”
I nodded again, feeling both fearful and excited.
“Are you on the pill?”
I nodded again.
“Wonderful.” he grinned, rubbing his thick cock over my clit and then easing it into my cunt.

He kissed me hard and passionately as he popped my cherry.
I winced, trying to move away from him, but he held me still.
Rubbing my clit, and slowly thrusting until it started to feel good again.
He began to fuck me harder and faster.
Both of us were on this ride and I wanted to scream at the top of my
lungs how good it felt, but I knew that I had to be quiet.
I couldn’t risk waking Mrs. H.
He lifted his mouth and stared into my green eyes as grunted softly
and climaxed.
“You’re mine now Emily.”he whispered to me somewhat gruffly.
“You’re my whore.”
“Yes, Mr. H.” I smiled.

Wanted: Sugar Daddy

Wanted: Sugar Daddy

I need a $ugar Daddy!
Would you like the position?!
A sexy Sugar Baby like me shouldn’t have to work for a living!
Not with this body and this mouth!lol
I have a voracious appetite for designer clothes, jewelry, lingerie and
I have lots of talents that I am sure you can’t find anywhere else.
Did I tell you that I am a stripper and double jointed?
I’ve also been known to swallow a ten inch cock or two without gagging!
I can manipulate my body into positions that you have only dreamed
The more bills you shove into my tiny little G string and diamonds you
sprinkle on my gorgeous body, the more limber and kinky I become.
I’m holding auditions now.
Do you have what it takes to be my Sugar Daddy?
Give me a call and let’s find out!

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