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Happy Fucking Father’s Day!

Happy Fucking Father’s Day!


Horny as hell and my husband was on the road yet again for his job.
I heard a door close and then a splash.
I climbed out of bed and took a peak.
It was my Father-in-Law taking a late night swim.

Hubby and I were staying with him until we could afford a place of our
own and though Tim was his late fifties is still a very handsome man.
He was widowed and hadn’t been with a woman in years.
I’d often fantasised about changing that, after all I knew that his son
TJ wasn’t being faithful to me while he was on the road I’d found more
than a few sexts on his phone and thongs in his luggage and I had seen
Tim looking at me with lust in his dark green eyes on more than one

Father’s Day was tomorrow…
I immediately found myself standing by the pool in my string bikini
watching Tim swim laps across the pool.
He noticed me and looked embarrassed.
He swam to the edge, covering himself.
“Breena, did I wake you?”
“No.” I smiled.
“I never realized that this pool was clothing optional.”
“Well I thought that I was by myself.” he chuckled, staring up at me
with that lustful gaze again.
“You aren’t.” I grinned, reaching behind and untying my bikini top and
then my bottoms.
I held his gaze as I sat down right infront of him with my legs spread
“What are you doing, Breena?”
“I’m giving you your Father’s Day gift.”

I grabbed him by the back of the head and shoved my tongue down his
throat. Then, he groaned and held me close, before pushing himself up out of the pool and dragging me up and over to one of the chaises.
He dropped down between my legs and devoured my throbbing pussy.
We quickly switched to the sixty-nine position and I licked his cock and
inhaled him all the way down to his balls.
He came down my throat, so I worked hard to get him hard again with
my hands and my mouth wanting to feel that massive piece of meat
inside of me.

I locked eyes with him again as I slid down his dick, both of us arching
our backs as he slid balls deep inside of me.
He pulled me toward him and kissed me hard, before moving to my
breasts and biting my nipples.
Both of us pumping and grinding as hard and as fast as we could, until
he exploded and then me.
I collapsed on top of him, breathless.
“Happy Father’s Day, Tim”
— Breena



The word itself makes my own nipples stand at attention and my pussy
Play with my nipples.
Pinch them, suck them, bite them, tug on them.
Give my nipples your undivided attention.

I never truly realized how sensitive my nipples were until I was in bed
with a former lover.
He stripped me naked, tossed me onto the bed and tucked my hands
beneath my back and cupped my thirty-four C cup tits in his hands.
He rubbed his facial scruff over the round protruding dark rosy buds,
sending and electric current straight to my clitoris!
I wanted to rub it, but he threatened to stop if I did.
Ohh I didn’t want that!

I lay as still as I could as he stared at me and circled his skillful tongue
around my nipple. Flicking it and gently sucking on it, teasing the overly
sensitive bud as he’d done to my clit numerous times before.
I was mesmerized watching him, alternate using his tongue, his
teeth,his lips and scruff to taunt me.
To tease me.
He gave each of them the same amount of attention.
The sensations were like nothing that I had experienced before.
My body was responding nearly the same as it does when he is licking
my pussy and sucking on my clit.

I couldn’t believe the growing ache and throb between my legs.
I was rubbing my thighs together.
Clenching vaginal walls, wishing there was something inside of me to
grasp onto, the wetness growing, sensations intensifying.
This was almost like discovering a new sense that I never knew that I
had, an awakening as he continued to delivering the delicious torture to
my nipples.

One last flick of his tongue and pinch of my other nipple and I was in
another realm if only briefly….
It was only then that he inserted his fingers into me, flicked my clit
with his thumb and sent me over into an abyss of orgasmic bliss…

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

You can be my foot slave…get on your knees and crawl to me! I am going to tease you with these pretty painted toes of mine. Do you like me wiggling my toes in front of your face and running my feet over your crotch? I know you can’t wait to put your tongue between each and every toe!

I’m curious…what drives you the most crazy about a woman’s feet? Do you prefer them bare with no paint? Or do you like them in a shoe? Maybe a high heel to be exact? I want to know the dirty details that make your cock the hardest. You will worship my feet and if you’re lucky i’ll let you lick them clean.

If you are a good boy I might jerk you off with my feet until you cum on my toes! The options are endless…tell me where you want to take your foot fetish phone sex and i’ll make it happen!

Summertime Fun!

Sweet Summertime

It’s one of my favorite times of the year!! I love that hot Texas sun shining down on me! Makes me want to take all my clothes off! I finally got to dip into the pool today! The water was still pretty cold so it made my nipples poke out of my little blue bikini real quick! I think the boys out there liked the view. What about you?? Do you like to see when a girl’s nipples are hard and perky?

After some much needed pool time I moved on to tanning on one of the beds outside. Got a bit of a tan…I think I want a little darker though! Still debating if I should just tan naked though…I like keeping track of how dark and sexy I get witht the lines but maybe my whole body needs to be sunkissed;) 

Do you like my new tan lines?? Give me a call so we can talk about what you want to do with my newly tanned body!


Hardcore F*** Phone Sex

Hardcore F*** Phone Sex

Am I your bitch tonight? It’s time you take the reins and fuck me like the little whore I am. I’ll let you get away with whatever you want. I want you to whip that hard cock out and shove it into my dripping wet pussy! Tie me up and make me gag on your meat. It’s time you take control and show me who’s really boss. Pull my hair and make me watch as you slide that cock in…is that sounding good to you? It’s sounding fantastic to me!

Next you can pound my asshole. My body is yours…tell me everything you want to do! I deserve to be treated like your whore! I have been a bad bad girl and need to be punished. I am waiting for you…Paige

Spread it open

Spread it open

Spread It Open

Talk to a lady that loves taking it up the ass! Anal toys, rim jobs, ass licking and of course butt fucking! Pick an anal goddess of your choosing! Maybe a naughty newbie that needs her ass stretched out? Show her what a real cock feels like in her tight little hole. Maybe you need to experience some anal worship? Miss Jess for example, she’s tired of guys worshiping her pussy. She wants you to worship her ass! She knows how good she looks bent over with her ass cheeks spread open. I bet you can’t resist her sweet little hole! Don’t you want to make her squirm and squeal as you lick it with your tongue??

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