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Santa’s Naughty Helper

Christmas time is my favorite time of the year! Unfortunately it is not my boyfriend’s favorite! He HATES to socialize or go to any of the fun parties. Lucky for me he had to go to his work Christmas party. I told him I could come along and wear my sexy red satin dress to get him in the spirit! Boy did that get him excited! What I didn’t realize is that it was going to get his boss really excited too. I’ve met his boss a few times, but this time became the most memorable… He was dressed as a sexy Santa and he really pulled it off! As my boyfriend continued to drink and let his guard down his boss kept flirting with me more and more! I was torn between pushing him away or letting it happen. Is it his boss after all…I didn’t want to cause problems! As the time went on my boyfriend was very distracted talking to the other guys at the party about office work. His boss went up to him and told him he needed to borrow ME for a moment and that he would bring me right back! In shock I watched my boyfriend say “okay” like it was no big deal! Then his boss came to me and said he needed me to be his little helper for a moment. At this point I couldn’t just say no! So I followed him and he took me into his office. He locked the door and looked at me and smiled and started to un-zip his pants and stroke his cock. I immediately felt a sense of warmth and started to tingle everywhere. I was horny. I couldn’t resist as he grabbed my body and started to kiss me. He told me he knew I was a naughty girl and needed to be punished with his cock. I immediately dropped to knees and started sucking his big cock. Want to know what happened next? Call me baby….Alexis

Double Stuffed

“If either one of you move, I will fucking kill you!” I warned as I balanced myself upon two
deliciously long, thick throbbing black cocks. Marcus in my swollen, drenched pink pussy, my
large 42 Double D’s dangling in his face and Darius in my fat white ass.
I was one aching erogenous zone.
Both of my lovers were half my age and in perfect physical shape.
This was far from my first threesome with two men, far from it actually.
Still I wanted to savor it.
I loved that feeling of being in control, in command.
“Okay, slowly now.”
Marcus and Darius did as I asked and soon the three of us were moving in sync, like a well oiled
sex machine.
Darius pulled my strawberry blond hair to the side and nuzzled by neck, biting and sucking it as
Marcus reached up and grabbed my breasts, tugging my nipples between his fingers.
“Yeah, guys that’s it.” I whimpered as Marcus began rubbing his thumb over my engorged
I leaned into Darius as the first orgasmic wave washed over me.
He turned my face to him and forced his tongue down my throat, stroking my neck, their cocks
moving faster now.
My body could barely keep up as one orgasm after the next washed over me, beads of sweat
covering all of us.
Marcus pulled me toward him, taking a nipple into his mouth and biting it hard as Darius
squeezed my jiggling ass and thrust even faster filling my asshole with his semen.
This spurred Marcus on and he filled my pussy up, as I squirted all over his cock.
Marcus pulled out first and then Darius and I laid back on the bed, between my young lovers as
their cum gushed out of satisfied holes.
My husband Kevin quickly dropped to his knees and his little cock in his hand and eagerly
cleaned me up, bringing me to yet another orgasm with his tongue.
~ Johanna

Faerie Justine

My pussy is dripping wet thinking of a Halloween from a few years ago.
I was dating this nerdy guy named Justin.
He wasn’t great with this dick, but damn his tongue was magical!
I tried to break up with him, but he begged me come to his friends
Halloween party and then he made me cum with this tongue.
I acquiesced.
I was rocking my short black and purple Sexy Witch costume and
enjoying a cocktail, dancing along to a tune playing over the sound
system. When this tall woman in a fairy costume bumped into me,
nearly knocking me over.
I turned around and got a good look at them.
The Fairy towered over me,cascading blonde wig, with rose and glitter
headband,flawless face painted makeup,shimmery powder blue dress,
with wings,sparkle tights and blue satin booties.
The Faerie winked at me.
He placed a finger to his lips and grabbed my hand and lead me
downstairs to an adult playroom.
“Tonight I am Faerie Justine and you are my Mistress.” he offered in a
lispy whisper.
Everything was making so much more sense now…
He plucked a double ended strap-on and harness from the shelf and
handed it to me.
I dropped my panties slipped the shorter end inside of my wet pussy and
stroked the remainder of the eight inch phallus.
“On your knees Fairy Justine!”
She immediately dropped to her knees and stroked the cock and licked it
up and down and stared up at me as she took the cock into her mouth.
Every movement “Justine” made with her mouth caused the toy to rub
my G spot.
“That’s it you little Faerie!” I moaned , grabbing Justine by the back of
the head forcing the cock down her throat.

To find out what else I made Faerie Justine do and if anyone else got
involved you should call me and find out….
Xox Pamela

Get a Taste of Kassandra’s Naughty Side

Get a Taste of Kassandra’s Naughty Side

“Kassandra,It looks an awful lot like you are trying to escape my
custody.” Hallie smirked glint in her sparkling green eyes as she took in
my short orange pleather mini dress Inmate costume.
I feigned sadness.
“I’m so sorry Officer Hallie. It won’t happen again.” I assured her as I
finished my glass of Witch’s Brew.
“Damn right it won’t.” she snorted, grabbing my hands and wrenching
them behind my back, nearly causing my breasts to spill from my black
push-up bra.
I felt the cool metal of the cuffs and heard them snap together.
She lead me upstairs to her bedroom, which she kept locked during
these parties, tossed me inside.
“On your knees Inmate!”
I nodded and did as she asked and dropped to my knees by her bed. .
She slowly removed her Sexy Cop romper.
Her long jet black hair tumbled out of her police cap, her porcelain 34
double D’s spilled out of her black romper as she lowered the zipper and
then the romper to reveal her juicy pussy, with a patch of black hair on
Her thigh highs and black stiletto knee boots remained.
Hallie was stunning.
She sat down on the edge of the bed and spread her pussy lips.
“Lick it” she demanded.
I happily licked that cunt and sucked on that clit, until she came in my
mouth,but once wasn’t enough she demanded more and more.
My face was covered in her cum and that was only the beginning…

Halloween Phone Sex!

Halloween Phone Sex

Moans and screams for a Happy JetDoll Halloween!!

My oh my are you ready to play??

We’ve had so many hot phone sex calls in the past months, but nothing will come close to how wild we will get for Halloween this year! It is a JetDoll’s favorite holiday after all! Is your hard cock ready for all of the sexy costumes we will be wearing? Just imagine the sluttiest outfits possible allowing our sweet tits to be hanging out and skirts short enough that you can grab on that tight ass and juicy pussy. Is your cock jumping at the thought? It better be! It’s time to get naughty and freaky for Halloween!! What will you be dressing up as? I for one plan on being a naughty cheerleader! Yes it’s simple, but always sexy! Have you ever dreamt of a sweet cheerleader meeting you in the locker room for some steamy sex or maybe a blowjob under the bleachers? Maybe you want to watch me fuck the whole football team hehe! All I know is I won’t be wearing any panties underneath…I need easy access to my soaking wet pussy!

Give us a call and you can coordinate with your favorite JetDoll’s costume! Want a taste of some of the doll’s costumes?? Check out the gallery to the right!