Exploring your fantasies is important…your secret is always safe with us! Have you ever been curious about sucking cock? A lot of guys wonder…sometimes it’s necessary to indulge in your wants and needs. It doesn’t mean anything bad besides the fact that you like cock. Some boys need a little shove into such a fantasy and we are always here to help. I can force you into a bicurious situation that you won’t be able to refuse. You must be curious about another man’s cum too right? All you need to do is experience sucking a cock for the first time. I can teach you exactly how to do this. I can teach you how to deep throat a big cock without gagging…and remember no teeth! A little nibbling is always acceptable though. Tongue use is the most important…rub it up and down the shaft to get the cock really throbbing for you. If you want the full experience on how to play with the balls and what to do when a man ejaculates you better call me so I can teach you everything! oooKayla

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